Reference HI Res material

Recently got an Esoteric K01 + Mach2 Mini. This is my first server ever. What are the best recorded material that can showcase what a server is capable of?

I am a vinyl guy that listen to mostly classical and Jazz but Rock, Pop, Blues suggestions are welcomed as long as it is well recorded.

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I recently got to hear my first Hi rez download via a usb stick on my Oppo 95, I tried a few free samples from 2L and HD Tracks which led me to my first purchase! Needless to say I wasn't prepared for what I heard. The recording was Reference Recordings Rachmaninoff symphonic dances! It's so well done it rivaled my Top recording on sacd which is the legendary Channel Classics Ivan fishers Mahler's 2nd, The performance left me speechless and I sat there wondering why everything recorded can't sound like this! It's vast, viseral and precise along with the cleanest transients I have ever heard period! A must have and will lead to more purchases!
Jen Chapin's tribute to Stevie Wonder, titled ReVisions, is available in 24/192 from HDTracks and it is excellent.

In classical, the famous Carlos Kleiber recording of the Beethoven 5th and 7th Symphonies is also available from HDTracks, as is the complete series of Gary Cooper and Rachel Podger's Mozart keyboard and violin sonatas. Cooper plays a fortepiano and it sounds just right.

Linn records has a very good classical section. Their Studio Masters 24/192 series is sure to have something to offer you. I like the Phantasm performance of John Ward's Consort music for viols, but there's lots more I would love to hear from Linn.
Just starting to dip a toe in the genuinely high res stuff myself, and for a first (and free) foray, worth checking out the Benchmark "masters in their day" series. Folks at Benckmark, to showcase their gear, promote new stuff, etc., decided to do a series where they recorded a track from a band you've likely not heard of, mixed, produced and released it high-def for free on the Internet, along with a video documenting the whole shindig, each in a total of six hours. My first, and currently only, high def material -- and gotta say, it's totally sold me on the whole idea. Whether you're into the music selection or no (and must say, I am, although they've only done four so far), they're pretty raw, honest and definitely a good window into what the medium is capable of. Want more.