Reference disc player...UDP 205 or Marantz?

Hey guys....
I've decided to take the plunge, and get my last reference disc player--at least for a very long time--and I'm looking for opinions on the subject.
I really wanted to get the Marantz SA-14S1, it sounds fantastic for sure, but I started to read all the glowing reviews on the Oppo UDP-205. Is it just hype, or the real thing? Is the Oppo really that rare piece of equipment that punches that far above its price? Who here has listened to the oppo and/or the Marantz? How do they compare? 
Hifiman, you are correct, of course I am referring to the Marantz 8005. Old age is hell.  A good player made great by Dans mods.  For the money it plays beautiful music.
I agree with Hasmato. Most of your responders are oppo owners.  They never did ab testing for  both units. I have owned the oppo sonica dac for a week and returned the unit after a week.  I bought it because all the great reviews I have read. But I found my current Cambridge audio 850c is a better dac/cd player.

I have Demo the marantz reference line cd player several years ago when I was buying my sonus faber olympica iii. Its a great player. Its at a different league that oppo is in.  Go demo yourself, you will know.

Speakingof just cd player, marantz sa 14 will blow away the oppo.  No doubt.

Oppo is entry level of  good cd player, not a reference line of cd player.
I have a bdp105d with EVS mods on the 2 channel board and the sound is outstanding. The original unmodded unit sounds quite good for the price, but I eventually wanted better articulate bass and clarity throughout. The mod did just that. I also have an Audio Note 3.1 balanced tube dac that sounds better than the modded Oppo, but not by much. I have never heard the Marantz, but, for my money, I would go for the Oppo in home audition, and make your decision. The EVS mod was $700, which was a great price. I don’t know if Ric at EVS is modding the 205 though.
I have no, nor have I ever had any affiliation with Oppo, EVS or Marantz. 
One thing to keep in mind is if you have a standalone DAC, you may want to consider the 203 which  purports to be essentially the same circuit for CD as the 205 but without a built-in DAC. You can then run the 203 into your DAC. The 203 is less than half the price of the 205.
One of Oppo's real strengths is in the quality of it's drive mechanisms. Several high end companies purchase use licenses from Oppo  to use their drive mechanism in their ultra-high end players. In essence, that is what Modwright has done.