Reference CD & DVD Player ?

Does a Reference quality CD player exist that can also playback DVD's ? I'm looking to spend $1500 or less (new or used) . CD playback is more important to me, not sure if a piece like this exists or is in the works. DVD-A wouldnt hurt either. thanks.
A "reference" quality (IMO) DVD/CD player does exist in the Ayre D-1, but it will cost you far, far more than $1,500.00. As with any other audio component, one has to find your own level of satisfaction and make your own judgments as to what constitutes "reference" quality and how much you are willing to pay for it. For me, the Ayre D-1 was a revelation in CD playback - on good CDs, the first to really even approach high quality vinyl playback. It is also good enough to demonstrate why 96/24 DADs (good ones) actually are better than good CDs, although the difference is not huge. Good luck on your search.
While perhaps not "reference" in CD quality, you will get excellent CD and 96/24 DAD performance, as well as reference quality DVD video performance from the Pioneer DV-09. It is also built like a tank and looks great.
Justy, I'd have to second Ronc. I just got the Pioneer DV-09, and have been very impressed with DVD, and satisfied with the CD playback. I picked it up used on Audiogon for $900 including shipping. To get the most out of my CDs, I'm now contemplating getting the MSB Link III DAC recently reviewed on Stereophile - it's $400 new. This should nicely complement the DV-09 and provide excellent CD Playback. This may be the best strategy in meeting your needs for under $1,500. Good luck.
I own Pioneer Elite DV-09. Thank God I also have Theta data 3. Yup, quite a difference.This dif. is quite apparent using a seperate dac,as in the 09 as a transport only. So no free lunch,just so you know.
I should have mentioned I have Theta Gen 5a 24/96 dac. Also one spells "separate" this way.
Cal Audio CL-20 DVD-CD is pretty good. Might be a bit higher than you want to spend though.