Reference Audio Mods to Meridian 508-24?

I am coming back to 2 channel after a bit of layoff, and am considering the mods offered by Reference Audio Mods to my treasured Meridian 508-24. I do not have $17,000 to upgrade it (trade it in) to the "newest technology" nor do I particularly want to do so. I am looking for the improvements that time has brought to the table since this unit was built. Are there any folks out there who have had some experience with these mods?
I know Kyle and have implemented his parts and ideas in my Sony. As I understand his approach, regardless of CDP he focuses in several areas that are likely to improve any digital source: (1) replace clock with latest generation Audiocom Ultra- or Superclock, (2) improve power supplies by installing custom SS rectifiers, discrete DC regulator PCBs, and select filtering capacitors, and (3) replace analog output stage with buffered silver transformers. If you do just #1 & #2, you are hearing pretty much the stock Meridian digital & analog circuitry, but bumped up in performance. If you add #3, you are hearing the high-quality analog stage that he uses as replacement for stock output sections in a wide variety of CDPs. I have the top Silver Rock transformers, which IME surpass the others. If on a budget you might try his clock & power mods and come back later for the analog section if you need more.

He's honest, personable, and most responsive to phone queries.
I have to wholeheartedly agree wih Dgarretson. Not only is Kyle everything DG says, he even went one better in my case. I had an Oppo 970 player that RAM modified extensively, only to learn that a rogue contractor was sometimes failing to implement his share of the modifications. Kyle offered to review my player for free and fix anything that wasn't correctly installed at no charge.

I may well upgrade to Oppo's Blu Ray player, and have RAM work on that as well.
Do not need to have $17k ... sell you 508.24 and get yourself sth like ARC CD-7. Had both, ARC is much superior in all areas. The resale on ARC stuff will be much better than modified Meridian (or any modified gear for that matter).