Reference Audio Mod Oppo 970 – How good is it ?

I already have a dedicated redbook CD player which satisfy, but would like a second budget player which can play the SACD discs that I have. It interests me when the Absolute Sound nominate the Oppo 970 the budget component of the year and name it a “giant killer”. With the Reference Audio Mod still it is not too expensive. I would welcome any opinion on this modified unit or better alternative.
The oppo was better by a small margin.....
Thanks Trianglezerius,

Just wondering which cdp you compared it to, as I that
would give some point of reference. I have a stock
Oppo that I really like a lot just in stock form, and
am thinking about sending it in to be modded.
I bought a 970 here on Audiogon 3 months ago w/all the RAM mods except the separate power supply for the clock. It is far and away the best SACD player I've ever heard. It's _so_ much better than my 9000ES it's not even a competition. Seriously.
I compared a JAS Musik at
Tubed output, 24/96 burr brown dacs, sony transport. It shares parts with the $1600 Vincient CD player since they bought parts from the same OEM.