Reference 3A speaker stands


Interested to hear from anyone who is currently using or has used the Ref 3A adjustable-height speaker stands in the past. How are they in terms of quality, function and aesthetics?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Rebbi,

When I started to do professional reviews for, one of the first things I did was purchase the 3A stands because I then could adjust their heights for the different two way speakers I was reviewing. These stands are first rate in their build quality, ability to isolate against vibrations, easy to adjust to the perfact height to get the tweeter ear level and are good looking too.
Thanks. Thinking of getting a pair for my Ref 3A De Capo's, but I was wondering how stable something adjustable could really be. This is helpful.


I would also look into Core Audio Designs. I'm using them withy my De Capo's and they are highly adjustable. Looks and finish are truly outstanding.

I've seen pictures of the Core Design stands and they look gorgeous. How high off the floor do you have your De Capo's? I sit on a rather high surface (a day bed in our guest room) and I've often wondered how the speakers might sound if I had them up higher, with the center of the main driver closer to ear level.
Hi Rebbi,

I've played around with different heights. I read somewhere that 26" if your room is carpeted, or 28" for different floors.

At 26", in my room, I felt the speakers were bright so I lowered them to 24" bringing the main woofer at ear level,and taming that brightness.

The Core Audio Designs stands are highly adjustable, 22" to 29", solidly made, and just beautiful to look at. Arnold Marr, the owner is a blast to talk to and he's very passionate about what it does.

Give him a call if you can, you won't be disappointed.

Keep me posted.