Reference 3A Sema Zen specs now posted

Well, Reference 3A now has the specs for their top of the line Sema Zen speaker posted at
7 total drivers, each speaker weighing in at 220 pounds, around 5.5 feet tall. 27 Hz to 40 kHz, 93 db sensitive. Yowza!
No MSRP on the site... be interesting to see what that turns out to be.
That is one ugly speaker........
You just have to like to listen to it, nothing more....... :^)

If you wnt to see some rally ugly speakers, take a look at my system. Plain Janes if ever there were one, but they do make beautiful music....
I don't think they are ugly, but that Nextel finish certainly isn't pleasant to the eye.

IF NExtel is good enough for the Space Shuttle, its good enough for me.....
Over 13" wide and they can only get 8" drivers for the bass ! I'm disappointed ...
High quality bigger speakers with bigger and/or more drivers are often only really justified in larger rooms. In a smaller room, particularly if lively to start, bigger may not be better. I'd lean towards teh smaller monitors and have the option to add a sub only if really needed. Its easier to upsize tht way if needed than downside if speakers are overkill for the room. 220 pounds each would seem to indicate very good build quality and corresponding muscle to go along with it.
Well, on my personal "Ugly List" from 1 (low) to 5 (very) it is a solid 7
I wonder if they're going to be at RMAF.
Uglier than the big Wilsons (the ones that look like menacing aliens on the loose)? Really?
Rant of the Day ...

I have heard/tried the monitor/sub thing and have not heard it done well enough . My JM Labs speakers had the multiple , small
driver set up for the bass and it did not give me that punch in the chest feel that a single larger driver will do .
My De Capo i's have a nice bass driver , better than most , but just not what I am looking for in an efficient replacement speaker .
While my room has some size to it , I am listening in the near field at about 7 ft.
In discussions with some speaker builders , I have asked why they have moved to the multiple small driver bass design instead of their previous larger single driver design . All of them have stated that people don't want the "mini fridges" in there rooms anymore . This is evidenced by the angled speaker box's of one designer who gets a 12" driver in a 13" wide enclosure . That is why I was disappointed that Ref. 3a didn't put at least a 10" driver into there >13" wide enclosure ! How is this new speaker that much different than the Grand Veena ?

I now return you to your regularly scheduled thread !

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