Reference 3a MM de Capo i with Pass Labs?

Just want to know if somebody has heard the combination between the Reference 3a MM de Capo i speakers (I own) and a Pass Labs power amplifier (I'm looking for a used Aleph 3 model). I usually hear jazz and classic (sometimes rock). Thanks!.

My actual sistem:
Shanling SCD T-200 superaudio cd player.
Parasound Halo P-3 preamp.
PS audio HCA-2 power amp.
Synergistic Research speaker cables
Acoustic Zen interconnect cables
I don't see what you would gain over the HCA. If anything contact Cullen Audio and ask for a quote to upgrade it. Also it is very cable and interconnect sensitive. I recommend Tek Line Cables Reference power cords and Clear Day Audio interconnectrs and speaker cables. Both companies offer a mney back. I think you'll be glad you did this before sellling the HCA
Thanks for the advice. I'm not going to sell the HCA, I just want to hear the system with other amplification -maybe somebody has it-(and I read very good reviews about the pass labs aleph 3). About the cables I'm agree with you (I need to change my power cords and hear another speaker cables and interconnects).
I used to own de Capos and always preferred them with tubes.

I used Atmasphere M60 Mk III OTLs with the Capo Is that I had. The combination of the minimal crossover on the tweeter and driving the mid/bass full range with an OTL made for a phenomenal match. You may want to research the retired Reference 3a forum over on the Audio Circle. You might find the input that you are looking for there.
Thanks Martykl and Mrderrick. If you can advice me about a tube amplifier between $2000.00 and $3000.00. Thanks.
Hey Gus.

When I don't have the Sason Ltd/Si speakers in our system I use this exact combonation: MM de Capo i with a pair of modified Pass Aleph 3 amps. Without a doubt a very musical combination.

I've also heard them in our music room here with Ultra Fi's Daytona Monoblock tube amps. That was KILLER too.

Though I don't own Ralph's OTLs, I've heard them enough to know them very well. Someday I'll own a pair of the M60s. Awesome amps and I'm sure they'd be great with the de Capo.

Hope that helps.



The de Capos are a very easy load for any amp and reasonably sensitive, as well. At various times, I used Cary 300b monos, an Atmasphere S30, and a big ARC VT 130SE, as well as a SS Krell KSA 50s. All worked well, but each sounded a bit differerent - so a lot of it will be personal taste. The Krell seemed the least successful match as the pairing went a bit "dark" and dynamics were less dramatic. No clue why, but that was my impression. The ARC worked well, but I used the other amps more often, so that suggests I preferred the Carys and the Atmasphere. I was voting with my time - you could say.

The S-30 that I owned was from early production and had limited bass capability on other speakers that I used it with, but it mated very nicely with the de Capos. Same for the little Carys, a very good match. IME, lowish powered exotics seemed to be quite happy with these speakers even though these amps had been rather picky about speakers overall.

I now own Prima Luna monos and I suspect that these would be a good combo, but that's only a guess since these amps never overlapped the de Capos in my system. FWIW.

Good Luck,

Robert and Marty: thank you very much about your answers. Theres something that I did not tell you, I live in México and as you know I don't have the same opportunity to try to hear equipment as you can. That's what I need advices about it. Sorry if I'm asking to much.