Reference 3A La Suprema- Manual/advice wanted

On an impulse, I bought a pair of Ref 3A La Suprema speakers, V.1 from mid 90s. I did not notice that the ad said "no manual". Very little information on the web- UHF uses them in one of their reference systems, but only a few were imported to North America. It is a 2 piece speaker, consisting of Ref 3A Royal Master on top and 2, 12", iso0barik loaded drivers in the subwoofer cabinet below. The Royal Master is a full range driver and a tweeter that has a capacitor on it; no real crossover per se, with 2 sets of binding posts. There are also 2 sets of binding posts on the sub cabinet, but one is labelled "do not hook up to power amplifier and this pair has a factory-installed jumper across them.

Basic question hook-up. Right now I have single wire cables to full range driver and cardas jumpers to tweeter, working fine. Do I jumper down to sub woofer, or or go to sub first and jumper up to monitor? Leaving personal preference and the whole bi-wire debate, does it matter?
If you have a manual, pls email me thru A'gon system to arrange for a copy. TIA.
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OK. Nobody has these speakers. Then I am open to any and all ideas. FWIW, I believe that the subwoofer section (not powered) is for about 50 hZ down.
Hi, I have a pair of these speakers that I bought back min 1994. For many years they were in storage but I have recently decided to hook my stereo back but had forgot how to wire these speakers. I spoke to Tash at Reference who knows these speakers very well. He told me that if you are not going to bi amp then the wire should be as follows. Run the wire to the subs first, bottom posts on the subs. The upper post on the subs are used to change the tones between different types of music. A jumper wire is used between them if you listen to more electric sounding music like like classic rock. Do not use any jumper at all for music like classical. Getting back to the wiring, once you have the wire to the subs run a new wire from the subs up to the monitors bottom posts then use your jumper to the posts for the tweeters as you are already doing. They are great speakers I would be interested in your opinion on them if you could.
Hey, thanks, my friend. So far you are the only person I have found who actually has used these speakers. Will post my impressions when I get them hooked up correctly.
Any chance either you gentlemen are interesting in selling your Supremas? Its always worth asking, right?
Always willing to listen. However, you should know that I had a local tech upgrade the single cap and resistor in the "filter/crossover" and replaced the brass binding posts w Cardas copper. I still have the old parts so if someone wanted to turn 'em back to stock they could, but not sure why someone would. I am active bi-amping them w an NHT X-1 xover, Acurus ss on the passive subs and either a VAC 30/30 or Doshi/Lectron JH-50 for the monitors. Still have one last "tweak" to evaluate. The tech measured the monitors as being higher in level by quite a bit when he ran them (not bi-amped). I wasn't convinced so I had him pad only one down and I am planning on running some room analysis software to measure both monitors in my room and see which one gives me a smoother response. Of course now that I think about it, there's no reason to pad the monitors down if I'm bi-amping w active xover, since I am setting the relative levels w the gain control on the NHT. Anyways, right now I really like the overall sound, but as I said, I'm always willing to listen to an offer. Drop me a line by email and we can "talk".
I have a pair that are in excellent condition. I would be willing to sell. I do realize that this message is very old. Thanks
Any chance you can send me a copy of the owner's manual? You can email me through the Audiogon system by going to Member look up in the Learn section.
Sczepiel1, what state are you in?
Hi Sczepiell, do you still plan to sell yours Suprema?