Reference 3A Grand Veena's

Oh no, here it comes again, the dreaded "audiophile nervosa"...

I have a pair of perfectly fine Piega P10s that I've lived with and enjoyed for several years now, and yet I've grown curious about what else is out there. I stumbled upon a thread in which the Grand Veenas were being discussed with some enthusiasm by several who had heard them at shows, in dealer showrooms, or in their own living rooms, and now I'm thinking of driving to Atlanta to hear a pair for myself.

Before I do, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share further impressions? In particular, I am wondering how they compare to other speakers in the 6-12K price range? For those who bought them, what did you have previously, and what about the Grand Veenas made you take the leap?

I appreciate all input, and understand that there is no substitute for hearing them with my own ears. Be assured, I won't be buying without hearing them first, and I doubt the Piegas will go down without a fight. But still...

Thanks in advance for any and all impressions.
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Extremely well balanced top to bottom. Midrange to die for. One driver for the entire midrange, no crossover influences or digressions.
Really coherent and very musical. Doesn't have that hard, irritating sound that a lot of the in vogue speakers have.
Can listen to them every day without fatigue like the Spendors, Harbeths and ATCs.
Bottom is solid down to about 25hz
I heard them at a local audiophile meet in which the manufacturer had control over every component in the chain except for CDP and room-- which was too large for these speakers. Notwithstanding the mid-range CDP that was used for this demo, the Grand Veenas did not not measure up to all the hype, particularly in LF-- which was pale and underwhelming.
For someone who knows music, there can be only one speaker for you...Magnepan! I almost went for the 3A's but was convinced by an audition and a little faith, that the 3.6R's would deliver a more natural sound. They are so evenly balanced and effortlessly natural while casting a large dynamic soundstage, that thoughtsof any box speaker ever entering my home was over for good.
I'm more then happy with my Reference Grand Veena's.
Iv'e been a long time owner of Magnapan and Quad speakers, still have the Quads, going on 26 years.

It was simply by chance I came across the Veena's while shopping for new speakers.
Anyway I bought them.

Amplifiers that I have heard at the dealer and in my home driving them were the Ayer monos, Atma-Sphere M60s and the ASR Emitter Exclusive.
Three differant flavours with any one of these brand of amplifiers make for a superb match with these speakers.

I really don't know what to make of Mr Garretson comment's the speakers to be pale and underwhelming other then that's what he heard.
I'll qualify my comments by adding that treble and midrange are superlative. There is some discontinuousness between the midrange and bass drivers(which I believe has also been noted by pro reviewers), and LF lacks the impact and grip that I'm accustomed to with my modded Merlins. However, there is no doubt that at $8K the Grand Veenas are an excellent value.
I haven't heard the Veenas, so good luck with that. As for the recommendation for the 3.6s, you would not be happy after living with the P-10s.

As a P-10 owner myself, when you find something that bests them, please share. I am thinking anything that I can afford would be a lateral move at best.....

fwiw The Absolute Sounds HP's (rave) review:
I and 4 of my die-hard audio friends have heard the Grand Veenas and other Reference speakers at the last 3 auido shows and we all agree: Somewhat bright, not smoothly integrated top to bottom, light sounding and while very open transparent they lack refinement and none of us would care to own them. Once again HP must have better drugs than the rest of us based on his review and his other reviews in past couple of years.
Having heard them at the same meeting as Dgarettson, I'll add I thought they were well-balanced tonally, with exceptional treble and midrange; lacking in the last octave of bass; and better suited for a smaller room than the very large one we were in. I didn't really notice the discontinuity in the bass, but it is likely there, in a slight amount. Not a head-banger's speaker, and probably better suited to smaller scale ensembles than a Mahler symphony, but a good speaker for sitting back and forgetting hi-fi and listening to music. I agree that at $8K they are a relative bargain in the (admittedly overpriced) world of high end speakers. But I'm not sure if it's a step up from your Piegas but rather just sideways, having also heard them. Worth hearing the Reference 3As, though.
Jbgrooven that's not my experience with them.

These speakers need room to breath, set up is finicky to get right and under show condition's your not going to hear their sonic virtues like most equipment in venues as such.

My room is large, just under 900 square feet with vault ceilings and my seating position is about 17 feet away as was recommended by a dealer.

With month's of looking for new speakers I did listen to a few great one's new and used that really stood out in the 12 to $20,000 price cagtegory.
However among them ,listening to the Veenas stuck in my head.
During this time a slightly used pair came up for sale locally at a price that was difficult to ignore.

Like I said ,these speakers need room to breath, seating in the far position and time to set up...They most certainly will perform with a wide range of music.

Well , if you don't care for them ,you don't care for them.....

I appreciate the responses from everyone. Great feedback, and a lot of food for thought. Another possibility I suppose is moving up the Piega line. I'll try to get around to hearing a few different speakers over the summer and see what, if anything, surpasses my P10s. I do look forward to spending some time with the Grand Veenas.

Thanks again for the great input.
How about The pair of Piega's that MSS is selling right now. I just thought it would be worth noting. They are the C-10's if I am not mistaken. They retailed for 27K, which does not guarantee you will like them better than your P-10's. No affiliation w/ MSS, but have done some business with them.
I was also at that meet where the Grand Veenas were demo'd by the manufacturer. I would agree with most of the previous comments. They are very smooth and detailed. There were a few times during the demo that I noticed a bit of glare in the lower-treble/upper-mid area, but I am very sensitive to this range, and it may well have been the source recording.

That said, if I had $8K to spend on a pair of speakers, I'd probably stretch (or bargain with the owner) and buy Silverline Audio Boleros. While not a neutral speaker, it is achingly beautiful in its reproduction of recorded music. The Grand Veena is similar, but more neutral. It is technically a better speaker, but with most source material being poorly recorded/mixed/mastered, I'd rather have the Boleros.

Just my $0.02. YMMV.
save the gas, you're already there.
Did you make the drive to hear those speakers? Inquiring minds wanna know....

How do the Grand Veena's compare to a Wilson Siohia 2's or Wilson W/P8's?
Waltersalas(Chris): I've been trying to contact you for some time, but I no longer have your e-mail address, and Audiogon's new format isn't exactly user friendly when it involves e-mail communication unless one is inquiring about an item a seller has up for sale. I'm interested in hearing about your Daedalus Ulysses and also getting your impressions, if any, regarding the sound of the Reference 3A Grand Veena you mentioned above. If you're willing and if there's any chance you might still be able to communicate with me, I would appreciate that very much. Kind thanks, Jeff, near Asheville.
Opus, you may try over on AudioCircle website. There are a bunch of users over there and a Daedalus circle there too I think.
Thank you, Todd, I'll take a look there.