Reference 3A Grand Veena, can they rock?

I see a lot of glowing reviews about these speakers, but not much mention of dynamics or how loudly they can play? Can they do justice to hard rock? I heard the Decappos years ago and thought they were pretty good for their size. How big do the Grand Veenas play?

Yes, they will "rock", or play at high volumes with a modest powered amp (tube or solid state) but that is not what they are designed for. They are a very refined speaker with great tone, clarity and detail. Bass is flat to the mid 30's and dips into the upper 20hz area. If you are looking for a speaker with lots of "slam" for the same money, I would lean towards something in the Legacy line. They are very efficient, and dig deep down in the 20hz area. They have multiple 12" or 10" woofers that move a lot of air. Best driven by solid state amps when "rocking out", but your VTL should have a pretty good grip on them.
Thanks for the responses. I know they won't rock the house like my current Tekton Pendragons (C3s are gone), but I do tend to listen at realistic levels. I just don't want a speaker that won't hold up to a little abuse. I welcome the refinement and clarity, just want to jam to a little Gov Mule once in a while.

You will be sorely disappointed if and when you turn up the volume on the Grand Veenas. The midrange driver is run full range, which makes it a seamless sound, but that also means it is fed bass frequencies. As a result, the Grand Veenas won't play as loudly before hardening/distortion occurs as other speakers their size.
I had them on home audition, and at lower volumes they were fine, but hardened up when pushed.
If you like it loud, I'd stay away. I tend to stay away from speakers with 1st order crossovers for the same reason.
I happen to absolutely love the Grand Veenas.

When a friend invited me to audition them with him during a hunt for a new pair of loudspeakers, I walked in thinking they looked overpriced. When I left the room, it was me jumping up and down, telling him his search was over and how he had to buy them. I went from thinking they were another high-priced high-end product to thinking they represented incredible value.

Can they rock? Well, they'll play loud enough to satisfy most audiophiles. But if you're a headbanger who likes a speaker that will blow you back, I think you might be best served elsewhere.

I picked up my Grand Veenas on Thursday and have been listening since. I agree with you, there is something special about these speakers. No, they won't play at lease breaking levels, but they are plenty satisfying.


The Pendragons are very good indeed. The GVs won't play as loudly or aren't as effortless as the Tektons. I just always have my eye out for a good deal and the Grand Veenas fell into my lap at a price I could not ignore.

Both are good, but the Grand Veenas are in the lead for now.

Until March of this year I was very pleased with my Grand Veena speakers.
I have since moved on, but not because I disliked the Grand Veenas.
THey were a very pleasing and detailed speaker.

Given the right amplifier and they gave back very deep and punchy bass.

I really liked the speakers with the Aleph3, or the Atmasphere S30.

Ok, maybe not rock amps, but the punch and bass depth was all I needed, and volume wise I was more than content.

I even ran the speakers with 1000W class D monos and a 2 watt Decware.

The Grand Veenas are revealing of what's in front of them,so take your time and match them up with the best gear you can afford.
They will let you hear what you've spent your money on.

A lot of speakers won't do that.

I sent you a message regarding the GVs a week or so ago, not sure if Agon got it to you or not.

What did you move on to? I saw many of your favorable comments about these speakers in the archives.

Happy to hear more when you get a chance and can tear yourself away from your music. :-)