Reference 3A Dulcets vs. Nola Boxer---Opinions?

I'm getting close to deciding between the two well-reviwed monitors. Will be replacing Polk LSI15's in a 12' x 14' room.

Thanks for your feedback!
Rebbi has the Dulcets and he loves them . Maybe he will chime in.
Never saw this post when you originally posted it. If you still need Dulcet opinions, let me know. Disclaimer: I've never heard the Boxers.
No regrets either way.
Add Silverline Minuet, Fritz Revo 5, Sjofn Clue, Tekton Monitors, Harbeth 3s to the mix.
Which speakers did you finally decide on? How do you like them?
any further info on dulcets
Whatcha want to know?
What was the difference in sound between Dulcets and Del Capo's?? What do you use to power the Dulcets..the owner of Ref 3A is saying a tube amp at 1600..too much coin for me
I use a pair of Manley Mahi tube mono blocks. I got them used on Audiogon. Yes, Reference 3A's like tubes and I think that Divergent Technologies (parent company of Ref 3A) imports some brand of tube gear, but that doesn't mean you need to use that particular one.