Reference 3A Dulcet monitor vs totem, dynaudio,etc

I have read the reviews on Reference 3A Dulcet. Curious how they may compare to the Dynaudio 110 monitor(discontinued). Totem Rainmaker, Totem Arros, and/or the highly praised Von Schweikert VR-1 monitor(now discontinued for about 3 years) I play classic rock and jazz at reasonable, but loud levels, NOT a headbanger or party king. These will be used only as an alternative speaker system. Thanks, Jim
I went from Totem Mod 1 sigs to (more expensive) Ref 3A Royal Virtuoso - discontinued bigger bro' of Dulcet/MMdacapo. Best move I've ever made! Higher sensitivity (95dB v Totem 87dB) gives much more musical flesh to the bone at lower volumes.

Sensitivity of the Dulcet is not so high, so see what other folks think re low volume. I'm sure you'd find them very "clean" (non wood cabinet). No crossover, and bigger cone also sound good to me. Audition highly recommended.