Reference 3a Decapo Anniversary

Hi everyone.  I've been in this hobby for more than 40 yrs and have heard and owned a wide range of gear. A recent purchase of the above speakers prompted me to post my first discussion  topic.  I am simply shocked at how good these speakers  sound. Colorful, clear, dynamic, open, even handed, vivid and alive but  not fatiguing. transparent-you name it. Essentially,  I find no fault with them. The beryllium tweeter is amazing. They work with various electronics and minimal fuss. Some might want a sub but in a copacetic room I would  say its optional. I wont belabor the point further but to anyone who gas been frustrated with this hobby, especially  speakers do yourself  a favor and search these out. 

I haven't heard the anniversity edition of this classic but am currently listening to the most recent iteration prior to the anniversity. I've been listening to the DeCapos, my second pair, since 2013. These are the real deal, a speaker for the music lover. Their uncanny ability to conjoin all the emotions in listening to music. It ain't complicated, pretty simple actually. Bottom line is you don't have to spend a bundle, just trust your ears and put your energy into refining your system to realize what is possible for such a reasonable investment. The DeCapos are reference speakers in the purest sense. The ability to suspend your belief you are listening to an audio system on the best recordings, and ability to connect to the emotional message of the musical performance. They are indeed special, most notably at their price point but also beyond. I love these speakers!

Consider subwoofers. These speakers are, after all, monitors. You just aren't going to get sufficient bass from a monitor loudspeaker. But even without a sub you may be surprised and can go from there per your needs and taste.
My thoughts exactly. They are so easy. I just plopped them down and fired them up with a non ideal solid state integrated and was swept away.  Although I will certainly  try to optimize them it's not a huge priority.  If this makes me a fan boy or pumper I dont care, lol. 
Bought these after researching sites like this.  Damn what an upgrade.  Scored a used pair of i's in cherry for a great price.  10 years now.  Run with my 4 watt Decware mini torii
Absolutely amazing speakers. Let mine get away for Spatials, but would have no problem ever going back. One of the best deals in the business.
I don't know the specific speakers you are listening to but in the 1990's I owned a pair of Reference 3A speakers.  Master Control MMC if I remember correctly.  Marvelous speakers, they sat on Sound Anchor stands.  I traded a pair of Acoustat Spectra 22's for them.  The Acoustats were still my favorites but the Reference 3A's were wonderful.  Owned them for a long time.
I had a pair a few decades ago. Their lone "Achilles Heel" was tweeter smearing on the speaker face, which was easily corrected with fiber rings (think flat donuts) that fit closely around the tweeter and extended to cover the metal face. Of course one had to purchase quality stands

2 days ago I got delivery of an even better speaker: Emerald Physics 3.4 12" carbon fiber woofer with concentric polyester tweeter in an open baffle design. 96 dB nominal 8 ohm. The top of the speaker face is a mere 40" off the floor. Full bodied enough to satisfy ~ 90% of the recorded music. If one desires plumbing the depths simply add 1-2 powered subwoofers

These retail for $4995, BUT, factory close out price is a pittance @ $995 a pair while they last. Mine are in Audi Blue which looks almost black

Update.  I added the newest Rel 7 series sub and it improved  the sound in every way. Absolutely seamless and no smearing of the mids.  I am every bit as enamored of these speakers as when I received  them, and break in has improved  them still.  Very transparent  to cables, especially  interconnects. The MHDT Orchid DAC has great synergy and tube rolling shows off big differences. They make piano sound so real I am now listening  to much more classical  music and the Decapos/sub are serving all genres well. Astonishing "budget" system that i would put up against  almost anything. 
One of the things I have found most impressive is the even handed nature of the sound. Notes almost never push too forward and fatigue. Yet, they are among the most dimensional speakers I have heard and create a huge wall of sound. I can also listen to really poorly recorded music and still enjoy it. 

For months I was having a hard time determining what it was that really drew me in to these and now I can confidently say there is an "ease" about the presentation that is rare. It doesn't  sound like two boxes squeezing music out. Music just "happens"   
The 40th Anniversary MM de Capo BE is a direct result of the trickle down technology employed in their reference Reflector monitor.  In a conversation with the designer, he wanted to celebrate the speaker that put 3a on the map but had to limit the number produced because he knew it would cannibalizes sales of the $12k Reflector monitors. I believe that Anniversary model is now sold out.  The AE is a significant sonic improvement over the already stellar standard de Capo BE.  
I have heard the "regular" Decapo, but too many years ago to compare. The 40th is essentially the same beast, more resonance control and, I believe Tash adifferent tweeter cap and wiring. I haven’t heard the Reflector but I have seen them at shows. Nefes looks interesting too
From the manufacture, the difference between the standard and Anniversary edition is as follows:

1) Additional panels, bolted with a thin layer of constrain mode isolation to the sides and top of the cabinets.

2) Dense and heavy contoured rear panel bolted to the back of the cabinet with isolation layer.

3) Brass Tension rod mechanism across the cabinet walls inside the cabinet against outward movement of the cabinet walls.

4) Better acoustic absorption behind the mechanically grounded main driver.

5) Upgraded internal wiring

6) 6N OFC Silver jumpers

The emphasis is on increased cabinet rigidity much inline with the Reflector.