Reference 3A choices?

Hello all!
I'm debating between the Dulcets. De Capos, or Veenas for a future purchase.
I currently have Vandersteen 2ce's and I've kinda got the upgrade bug. My amplification is a vintage Fisher 500c tube receiver, which I don't want to part with. The problem is that it's 35 watts is a bit anemic for the Vandys'
I know all Ref 3A's are quite efficient, and I'm very intrigued by all the positive reviews, so I might make the switch.

Other incidentals: 15 x 15 foot listening room with 8 foot ceiling. Listen to old school, funk, jazz, classic rock, folk, reggae. I'm NOT a rap or heavy metal fan. I like detail, soundstage, imaging, but also emotion and a touch of warmth. Also, I do have a subwoofer, though it's mid-fi.
Source is an Eastern Electric MinMax tube output CDP.

Any opinions comparing the merits of the three Ref 3A's above or what you think might work best for my set up would be very much appreciated!
Thank You!
I can only speak to the De Capos. They sound great at low levels, wonderful sound stage and imaging the music floats away from the speakers doesnt sound like its coming from them.

i have a 35wt Primaluna and no trouble getting loud when i need it.
They all seem to be pretty efficient and very nice without crossovers.L'Integral were with Corian baffle(very thick so must be nice non resonant front) which were very compact for floor standers.Hear the DeCapos and they are great but for long haul I would want more weight (I think your Funk and Reggae might call out for it) and larger sound stage.Episodes,Grand Veena and L'Integral might be out of your size or price wants so I'd go Veena.If you look for efficient speakers also consider Silverline 17/17.'s or another Yun model.New kid on Block Zu.Devore 8's or 9's.But 3A's are great.I might join you as I am tired of my large German Horns and if I don't go to power above my 40 watt EAR (I am thinking T amp by Red Wine or Pass)But your speaker would be on my efficient short list.
I've had a few of the above like Devore 8 and 9, Zu Essence, and can add Totem Forest. I've found my speaker with the Reynaud Emeraude. They're great with everything from guitar solo to Pink Floyd. The simple combination of intimacy and zest that the others lack.

I've heard the Grand Veenas (In a lame room) and they were great but I didn't get the the liveliness and presence I like with the Reynauds. Honestly this may be 50/50 depending upon preferences.

The decision is yours I'm just recommending something I've found.

Have you heard Verity speakers?

I'm leaning toward the Veena, actually. Though I'm still flirting with the idea of smaller monitors. I've considered the Zu Druids also, and the Devores have just recently crossed my radar. I live in Tucson, so unfortunately most of these brands aren't available for a local audition. Maybe in Phoenix? I'll do some googling.
Heard good things about Reynauds too, but again, never had the chance to hear them in person. And no, I'm not familiar with Verity.
Another note- I'm hoping to spend $2000 or so in the used market.
Thanks again for all feedback thus far!
I own the Di Capo i's .
You state that you want a touch of warmth .
I feel that the Di Capos will not give that to you . They are quite a neutral speaker that will allow you to hear what your equipment sounds like .
If I were to change speakers , the Reynauds would be my first choice . They would offer a bit of warmth and maybe dynamics over the the Di Capo's . My second choice would be Audio Note .

Good luck .
With your choice of music I think the De Cappos would not satisfy. They are neutral and easy to drive but do lack bass weight. If you're stuck on 3A I imagine the Veena would be a better option.
I use the de Cappo-i with and 8 watt SET amp from Granite Audio (Aspen 800). It's wonderful. Previously I used a 40 watt Anthem AMp 1, and that worked, too, but I love the SET sound. Definately the de Cappo over the dulcet or veena, although the veena is nice.
I have had the dulcet,dicapo,veena, episode and grand veenas. Save up for the Episodes.