reference 3a capo to l'integral nouveau

After hearing the wonderful de capo i really want to get my hands on this amazing speaker reference 3a l'integral nouveau. What are your thoughts on this speaker and what amp recommedation?
I looked into it awhile ago and found VERY little info. No reviews anywhere, professional or otherwise.
I heard both speakers at the Stereophile show in 2002.
The distributor for Reference 3A A/Bed the speakers.
He was using Antique Sound Labs 845 tube amps and an Antique Sound tube preamp.
The Reference 3a da capo's were nice sounding monitors.
But the l'integral nouveau are much better speakers.
The main difference was the l'integral nouveau were much more fuller sounding and the bass was superior then the da Capo's.
The l'integral nouveau have a very smooth sound with a sweet midrange and the bass is great.
Those were one of my favorite speakers at the show that year.

I used the DeCapos for a number of years and a friend of mine owned l'Integral. L'Integral is warmer and will produce significantly more bass than the DeCapo. However, it is double the price of the DeCapo and does not, in my opinion, represent near the value of the DeCapo. When you get into the $7K price range, like l'Integral, there are a number of speakers that I would chose over l'Integral. Indeed, adding a good subwoofer to the DeCapos would be a better choice (again, this is in my opinion) than buying l'Integral.