Tell me your experiences...specifically the dulcets and de capo's
I bought a pair of de Capos after reading comments by a number of posters here and at AA. They replaced some Triangle Cometes

I use tube amps and they have sounded great with all of them. They have detail, clean sound, good sensitivity and a low watt amp can drive them well.

I'm using a 4 watt Decware mini torii and also used Grommes phi26 1.75 watt with no problems also not listening at concert levels lol

when i hear voices over these sometimes i forget i listening to speakers same with interments but the voices really sound like someone is in the room

used they are getting harder to find but run $1000-1500 used.
Grinnell. How would you compare then to the Cometes??
A speaker should well, speak to you. The Reference 3a Decapo does just that, at least to me. I wouldn't say they are the absolute smoothest monitors I've listened to, maybe the lack of a crossover, just a blocking cap to the tweeter contributes to that impression but their ability to communicate the musical message and make you forget about their sound and engage you in the performance is just very special. Timbre and pitch of instruments, micro dynamics and natural resolution are all excellent. The 8" main driver and BE tweeter with their wide dispersion contributes to excellent soundstaging and better than average in room bass performance for a small monitor. I recently had a spectrum analyser in my room that indicated a slight rise at 80 hz that was ameliorated with bass traps and indicated virtually flat response at the listening position. In addition to a Berning amp I am using a custom Berning tube switching augumentation booster that enhances bass 5db below 35 hz which makes the speaker behave more like a floorstander in the bass.
I would say that they have a fuller richer sound than the Cometes, a lot more bass. Better soundstage and depth
Thanks Grinell !
Seems to agree with what I heard with Triangles, fast and transparent but a tad lean.
Better soundstage surprised me though, as Triangles I've heard seemed outstanding in that regard, I really liked the ones I've heard.
Looks like Triangle has no US distributor, which stops me from buying them.
Triangles have top notch soundstage when set up well for that but may not
always depending, like most good imaging speakers.

Cometes go for significantly less than decapos, an excellent value. Things
get more crowded as prices go up. My triangles were the ones that
convinced me that I could live without much larger magnepans. They can
hit well above their size and cost but only if set up right.
I want a speakers that has excellent imaging/soundstage
I have not heard the Reference 3A. But once I had demoed the Triangles at AudioVision in SanFrancisco and they were a bit too bright and forward sounding for my taste. I should mention that they were driven by some solid state gears (probably Rotel). If possible always try to demo a speaker before buying it.
To specifically answer your question Nyaudio98 I would say the Decapos have outstanding soundstaging, when properly set-up and excellent imaging. There are many monitors that image well, so nothing too special there but their soundstaging is very noteworthy of mention, for reasons given above. I would add that, with the right amplifier and source component these speakers can make the music breathe with the energy of a live performance easily resolving the space of the recording venue. Also they work well with all types of music from rock to symphonic. There is no substitute for listening as YMMV.
I was not able to audition speakers so i just took a plunge.

got a set of NIB Cometes for a damn good price and had them for 2 years and was able to sell them for what i paid. I buy used and have had good luck selling things for what i paid for or a little less (rent:)

if you got the change to play
Hello Nyaudio98

I've noticed you've posted several threads going back a few years regarding Reference 3a speakers. It seems you are asking for the same information yet you're still not convinced.

No speaker is going to be the same thing to everyone and your priorities and preferences may be different than mine or someone else's. In addition, for what it's worth, few have heard all the condenders under ideal circumstances in all cases. I know it is difficult to hear everything and you certainly want to make the best choice but at some point you've got to pull the trigger. Asking the same questions and getting the same responses, negative or positive will NEVER substitute for hearing first hand. I've listened to many loudspeaker and systems over the years and while the Ref 3a's are not perfect they ARE suited for music afficianados but maybe less so for die hard audiophiles that have a tendency to overstate, understate a product based on THEIR taste. It is often difficult to wade through the opinions and get some real concensus. Sometimes the best thing to do when this happens is to read the reviews and see if you can find concensus there along with the opinions of past and present users. Those that have casually heard but quite possibly not LISTENED should be ignored. Regardless of the information you receive you have to read between the lines. Even then listening with YOUR ears with commensurate electronics is ultimately going to be the real tell. For the dough these are damn good loudspeakers, IMHO! :)

Good luck!
I've had both Triangle Celius and Titus, and now have the de Capo BE (I installed the beryllium tweeters after talking with Tash). The Triangles in memory seemed more transparent, more in-front; the de Capo's have much more presence and bloom.

Both are incredible speakers.

If/when I sell my de Capo's (original rosewood finish, too; none of this Nextel stuff), it'll be either for the Grand Veenas or perhaps a pair of Dynaudio floors.

But I don't plan on doing that anytime soon.
I ask alot of questions. Sometimes different people answer the next time you ask. Listening to the de capo's is gonna be next to impossible.
Siamo, I had a session with the Titus and 3a too, and think you are spot on.
I kept the Titus because it sounded more like what I hear at a live Symphony concert.