Ref 3A Dulcets vs Vapor sound

compare these 2 speakers for imaging and soundstage. I am looking at bookshelf speakers around 1750.00 or so usa dollars.
If you can go up in size just a bit look at the Ref 3A de Capos. great imaging and stage.
You might try Fritz Carbon 7 or REV 5. Both are in your price range and a better tonal balance than the R3A.
I like Ref 3a BUT Pls consider the KEF LS50. You will regret if you miss this one.
Well I have not heard either of them, but the Vapor Breeze is only $1300, has a RAAL ribbon tweeter, and supposedly get 85-90% of the Cirrus sound, just lacking is powerful bass.

Most speakers at/around $1500 are junk. If I was in this price range I would look at the Breeze, because the Cirrus was awesome. The Breeze does seem like a genuine bargain.
Kef ls50 worth consideration for about $1500.
After speaking with Vapor Sound/Breeze I def agree there speakers are amazing value..lean to vapor sound
My short list for speakers of this size at this price would be: KEF LS50, Fritz Speakers, Vapor Breeze, Nola BOxers, Sjofn Clue.
why fritz speakers ??
Review from Fritz speakers
I haven't yet heard the Breeze although I plan to do so. The Dulcet is truly wonderful. You can search for my Dulcet review here or on Audioasylum. I eventually upgraded to the De Capo; also a great speaker.
Rebbi, how was the bass on the dulcets..
For a review of one listener's impression of the updated Breeze . . .

Bass on the Dulcets is pretty astonishingly solid, especially for speakers that petite.
so what did you finally get?
lsa statements i bought, ill be looking and buying better
I had the LSA1 Statements for awhile, too (twice!) What do you think?
I know you can actually get Reference 3A and Fritz speakers. Can you get the Vapors? (no pun intended)
I'm thinking about a 6Moons review that I was waiting for that never happened.
Hard for me to say exactly my thoughts, it is missing something special. It could be my Peachtree decco 65..but i def want better. How much better are the de capo's?
I don't think you need anymore reviews then that one from Terry London, who by coincidence reviewed the lsa statement previously.
01-08-15: Nyaudio98
Hard for me to say exactly my thoughts, it is missing something special. It could be my Peachtree decco 65...

I don't know if it is your Peachtree Decco, but what what is the rest of your system. A speaker can't produce sound that it does not receive. You may have a choke point earlier in your system. Replacing my tonearm made a huge improvement in the imaging and soundstage produced by my system.
I got your personal message asking for my opinions about the De Capo versus the LSA 1 Statement. I thought I would answer in this forum so as to be helpful to anybody else who is interested in this topic.
As I mentioned, I owned the Statement twice. I liked them, as well, and nearly sold my Merlin TSM-mmi monitors (which have quite a cult following) when I had the Statements in my room. There's also a guy here on Audiogon who goes by the moniker "tbg" who owns some very, very fancy and expensive gear but swears by the LSA 1 Statement which he uses in his vacation home.
That said, it was the De Capo that finally got me to part with my Merlin's and I haven't looked back. (Actually, it was the "little brother" of the De Capo, the Dulcet, that dethroned the Merlin's.)
As for differences between the Statement at the De Capo, there are many, but here are a few. First, the De Capo is an 8 ohm load that is 92 dB efficient. The LSA 1 Statement is a 6 ohm load which is 88 dB efficient. Hence, all other things being equal, the De Capo is a substantially easier load for an amplifier to drive. (Because of that, I am currently finishing building a SET amplifier – 8 W per channel – to power the De Capo.) Additionally, the De Capo is a design that has been around (and has been continually refined) for decades. It has a "minimalist" design philosophy that eliminates anything you would really call a "crossover" by running the main driver flat out coupled to the amplifier and only protecting the tweeter with a single capacitor. This is supposed to contribute to its efficiency, but I believe it also contributes to the sense of "seamlessness" and coherence that the speaker exhibits. Music just flows out of this thing and imaging and sound staging are spectacularly good. As for comparing that to the LSA 1 Statement, I have to be honest and say that I no longer remember the sound of that speaker well enough to make a direct comparison. But what I feel safe in saying is that while the LSA 1 Statement is obviously a very nice speaker, one can do better for around the same money.
If you search around here in the forums or on Audio Asylum, you will be able to find my review of the De Capo. It may be helpful to you, as well.
Fantastic read Rebbi.