Reel to Reel Woes

My 35+ year old Tascam 4 track finally gave up the ghost.  I told myself when that finally happened I'd upgrade to a Revox B77.  I have 60+ reels of tape that contain music  that can't be replaced.  I am finding basically 2 choices in the Revox market.  Either buy a "works great" but sold "as is" deck for $1,200 - $1,750.  or buy a completely refurbished/rebuilt deck for $5,000.  My system is a fairly high end one (Audio Research, Wilson) so, I'll need something of high sound quality,  Any Ideas would be appreciated.  

Thanks guys!!
You said it yourself.  You have a high end system so buy a completely refurbished/rebuilt deck for $5,000.  
why not look at an Otari with 15ips capability? Balanced outputs and inputs, 10" reels, awesome deck
As you know, a R2R deck is the best sound and biggest upkeep.
Either get your Teac rebuilt or get a fully refurbished one. Revox is, IMO, very high quality but others will give you excellent performance. 
Thank you one and all for your generous and helpful input.  I've been on other forums that are filled with insults, one upsmanship, and the dreaded politics.  This one is focussed on the topic, and genial in nature.  

Thanks again!!!

PS  This almost makes me look forward to my next "dilemma" :)
Assuming your tapes are 2 channel 4 track (1/4 track) 7-1/2 ips recordings, you might also consider a ReVox A77 MkIV.  These machines are quite good and in some instances a little easier to service in that the record amps and reproduce amps are on separate PCB's which can aid in trouble shooting.  I have refurbed a number of these machines with good success.  Of course in addition to replacing all the aluminum electrolytics, tantalum electrolytics, motor caps and suppression caps, the trim pots should be replaced as well as these get heavily oxidized over time and become difficult, if not impossible to readjust.  The transport control relays should be checked as well and replaced if finicky.
Once all that is done, the mechanics should be gone over thoroughly.  Motor bearings, guides, pinch roller and brakes need to be inspected and replaced or refurbed to insure reliability.  I worked for ReVox back in the early 70's and have high regard for the design of this machine.  Once refurbed, you should get another 30 years of service from it (assuming heads are not severely worn).  They will cost much less than a B77.  OTOH, if you are looking for a machine with balanced i/O, I would recommend a PR-99MkIII.