Reel to Reel uses -

My wife and I love to entertain.  It never ceases to surprise me how many will walk over to my stereo and stare at my Reel to Reel tape deck.  Some under the age of 35, will ask what it is? Others want to know why I have it, and what do I use it for?  Of course I answer their questions, but now it makes we wonder how others use their machines?  I have been following a couple of high end blogs that I really enjoy and see that one gentlemen uses his machine to play master tape copies.  I do this as well, but have no where near the selection that he does.  I make copies of my favorite LP's to play when guests are over, and also make my own master tapes using a couple of neuman's microphones.  I record small jazz trios and solo artists straight to the machine.  People are amazed at how 'real' these tapes sound.  My main reel to reel is a Pioneer RT-1050 high speed half track.  I have a second just like it that I use for the above mentioned site recordings.  I also have a ReVox B-77, a Sony TC-765, and a Crown 822, all half track machines.  Anyone out there making your own masters?

Time to look for another Sony!  The 880 is a really nice machine.  The big Sony's have a wonderful sound.  I would be happy with an 880-2!  So many fine machines to choose from, and so much fun to use and listen too.

I too have cassettes and reel to reel tapes that I made in the seventies which still sound superb. Use good tape and handle properly, they will out last us.

Norman, thank you. I will still probably go with the Otari series two or three. Unless I unexpectedly can afford Studer 810.
Is it significantly better than Otari?

   Studer is the Rolls Royce of RtRs built for studios. For home use Otari won't disappoint. Otari stopped making RtRs just a month or two ago, but you can still buy a new one from leftover stock. It retails at $9K+.

Good Luck.
There are many ways to enjoy reel to reel. I have number of machines and like to play them all. I try to support all those who are releasing reel tapes today - they are all 15 ips and run from those releasing their own recent recordings as well as older recordings from the master tape. The quality can be mind blowing. 

I would suggest that you buy a high speed machine (up to 15 ips) and one that allows you to choose EQ curve.  Make sure that whatever you buy is recently evaluated and serviced.  Head wear is important.

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