reel to reel tapes

This isn't a classified or auction so I am not too sure where to put it.

I have two large boxes of 10 inch and 7 inch reel to reel tapes. If anyone would like to have them and are near Livermore CA, you are welcome to them. Also in there are a number of empty metal 7 inch reels. My reel to reel died recently so I thought I would pass on the tapes if someone would like them. It would be a shame to trash such good quality tape!
Spatialking, ... may I respectfully suggest that you either buy a new (or pre-owned) R2R or repair the old one. I surmise you've got some real pearls in those boxes. Sure hate to see them go to seed.
I would love to have them. pl email me and I will have them pick up as early as tomorrow. My daughter lives in Plesanton. That is if you haven't changed your mind. Thanks!
Spatiallking You are a generous gentleman.