Reel to Reel Repair in Houston?

Anyone know of a reputable shop in Houston that could repair a Teac X-7R? Don't know whether it's a servo problem or what...A couple of years back, it went haywire when I pushed the play button, going into a sort of ultra high speed fast forward for awhile and then losing play function altogether. It's like a car that's had the drive shaft removed now although about a year before it malfunctioned, it had been serviced (They're no longer in business.) and the sound was great. I'd like to get it running just long enough to dub some irreplacable stuff to digital before it prints through...
Hi Check this place out. They say they are at a Flea Market or something. I have spoken with them and they may be able to help you. They sell these all the time.
Good Luck
I have two suggestions for you:

1. Check with Save On Sound at 5003 Antoine, Suite B. I've had several (non-tape deck) repairs made there, always with good results. The fellow who owns the business (I think his name is "Tom" Tranh) does repair old tape decks. He accepts only cash, and the shop is in a really ratty strip center, complete with burglar bars on the windows, but the man is honest and does good work. As I recall, he keeps only regular 9 to 6, Mon. thru Fri., business hours. You don't want to go there after dark, anyway!

2. Check this website, which is run by a fellow (Rolf) who lives in the Kingwood area (at least he's somewhere just to the north of Houston):

I don't think Rolf does any repairs other than on decks he restores and sells himself, although some years back he did check and service a fine Akai 4000 D Mk II I bought on eBay. However, he should be able to point you towards a good third party repair service.

Hope this helps you out. Good luck.