Reel to Reel Prerecorded Music

I am having difficulty finding high quality prerecorded classical music for a reel to reel recorder. Help?
Reel to reel was never a popular medium. the tapes can be damaged pretty easily. The number of tapes still available must be very small considering the renewed interest. The only new tapes are some special project, and those are a small fortune each. You only hope is to someday bump into a estate sale wherein you find a mother-load of prerecorded tapes.
Suggest you scour Craigs list for the whole USA state by state.
I saw a couple RTR's on a hoarders show they other day
Ya.......Ebay is about it, and anything good is expensive. I ran an add on Craigslist but no one responded.

I called the local resale shop where I buy vinyl (they have thousands of albums) tape at all.

You might want to order from The Tape Project:

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Thanks very much for your responses.It sounds as if I will have to do a lot of searching and be very lucky in order to acquire some music.
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A friend inherited some prerecorded RTR tapes in mediocre condition (visual; I could not find a machine to play them on). I put them on ebay with pics, and clearly stated they were "as is." Some appeared to have a little water damage. They were mostly classical and some jazz. I got emails immediately asking me to do a Buy it Now sale, and sold the lot (about 12 tapes) for roughly $200. You will be up against a lot of competition if you want to buy used RTR recordings.