Reel to Reel Mods

I have an Otari MX5050 BII-2 R2R, and I am thinking about wiring a pair of rca's directly to the playback head. Then connecting the rca's to an external tape pre, and then using the tape/source switch to turn off the outputs. In the hope that the playback head will provide enough output to send the signal to the tape pre. Any thoughts?
i recommend asking this question on 'The Tape Project Forum' here;
Short answer is no. The signal coming off the tape heads is extremely small. It requires quite a boost and probably some de/pre-emphasis before it's up to par as a line output signal. You might be able to tap off the output of the tape head preamp board though.
Follow Mikelaviigne's link for detailed advice if you really want to tackle it.
I think the tape pre in question will provide enough gain to do this. Would there be any other reasons or issues you can think of?