Reel to Reel Mess

I, admittedly, made a bad mistake. Years ago, I had a really great Teac reel to reel that had excellent sound and that I really liked. Fast forward 30+ years and I happened to stumble on an "unopened freight" sale for a Teac 4010S reel to reel that was brand new, in the box but sold as is. I bit and purchased the unit thinking brand new, couldn't go to far wrong. I ordered all the replacement belts and service manuals and when the unit arrived,I replaced the belts,lubricated all motors but it is still DOA. Lights light up and capstan spins but the servo's click in and out even after thourough cleaning. I'm at an impass because I don't know if it's worth throwing good money after bad to ship it out for repair. Any reel to reel guys suggestions would be appreciated.
I don't know whats up with the servos, but you should be prepared to service the deck. These have many electolytic capacitors that leak over time, you may have to do some replacement.
Teac still services its reel to reel decks in California.

They have excellent customer service and I was able to talk to the actual tech that handles reel to reels.

I sent in my X2000 and they were prompt and efficient.

Have Fun!
I'd KILL for a 4010s! I had one MANY years ago, so did my brother.
Still have my Tandberg 3000x, though!
I have a rebuilt Teac 4010S and had the work done at the following place.
Northwest Audio Service
2309 3rd Ave.
Seattle WA. 98121
Tech is John Ledbetter
tele# 206-728-0369
It was very resonable for repairs,But I'm sure if your not local shipping cost could be much.
The machine runs like brand new.
He has a vast technical knowledge on all Teac early machines.