Reel to reel deck -Talk me in or out of buying

I can't help myself. I feel like an addict. I really, REALLY want to buy a reel to reel tape deck. But why? I don't own any reels. Can a case be made for buying a deck in this digital age? I'm salivating over a Revox g36 tube unit.

I'm tearing myself to pieces over here. HELP!
Reel-to-reel tape is the ultimate hair shirt medium. You can't find any particular track in the middle of the tape, the tape can break or shriek or has had the treble shaved off by being played via magnetized heads. As a mechanical device, a tape deck needs regular maintenance by someone who really understands these beasts. Parts are rare or nonexistent. And you want to compound all this by buying a TUBED unit, and you don't even have any tapes.

I say go for it.
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I have had various reel to reel decks in my system for almost 40 years and still play one frequently. Blank tape are still available but the choices are quite limited compared to the past. If you are interested in pre-recorded tapes they are still relatively easy to find but can be expensive. I purchased a DAT recorder about 10 years ago to copy some of my lp collection. While the sound was very good I still preferred the warmer analog sound from reel to reel. I agree with one of the posters about R/R they are not convenient to play, maintain and store but by all means go for it.
I have a Magnachord and a few old reels of pre-recorded tapes.
the hiss is God awful but it's a blast to operate (better than a glass front washer) and it is built for posterity. Like the old horn speakers, there is something right going on here amongst the many wrongs. I play it about once a month and it always brings a grin. Buy it and have fun! Leave it to your grandchildren!
P.S. Careful not to drop it on your toes!