Reel to reel

So I was in the market for a reel to reel. Back in the day, I owned a Teac X-1000R with DBX and a Pioneer RT-707. I liked them both so much that I decided to by them again. I have multiple systems so the Teac will go in one system and the Pioneer on another. The question I have is my main system where the Teac will be, I have all Transparent Audion Ultra MM2 cables. In my second system, al my cables are Transparent Audio Super G5. Do I need to match the cables for tape input and output on each system. Although they can be found used at somewhat discounted prices, were still talking a lot of money in cables. Any suggestions?
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Oh wait, I get it.... April Fool's.

Unfortunately on this site its impossible to come up with something so obviously foolish that people will get its a joke. Now if you really want to play April Fool's pretend you're serious and deeply insulted. Within four comments people who never bothered to read this one will think its for real. Genius!
@millercarbon- Would you care to elaborate on what sounds like total sarcasm and maybe it’s just over my head or for some reason I’m not comprehending your comment. Thanks