reel to reel

I'm interested in getting one. Does anyone know a good source? Which brands/models are the ones to get? I've heard that the Otari is good and the Technics RS-1500. What are your thoughts/experience?

I've already look at The Tape Project website...

I am a charter Tape Project subscriber and I use a Technics RS1500. Mine came from Jeff Jacobs at J-Corder

Jeff sold me a completely refurbished and restored 1500 which was shipped from him over to Dan at Bottlehead for modifications then on to me. I have been very happy with the results.

The Otaris are great machines and getting some very good comments from people using them as well. I don't think you can go wrong either way.
Reel to Reel most fun one can have going round and round. Above susgestions good, I would add Teac to your list.
Slipknot1, what a great link, enjoyed visting the site.
Which Teac?

Also Technics? Can anyone suggest models?

Thanks a bunch..
I owned Teac top of the line X-2000R and X-1000R, but the sound of the Akai top of theline GX-747DBX is much better.
Hello,This is in my store and is known as a work horse in the Reel to Reel business ,check around and ask about them ,It has been sitting for awhile and could use a service but it is priced good . This is in my ebay store,Just Another Music Store.Take care John Tech Reel to Reel tape recorder 3340 S
Have an Otari MX5050 II B, a Technis RS1500US and a Tascam 3340-S. The Otari plays both NAB and IEC EQ'd recordings, the Techics is an NAB only deck. Both are half track recorders with quarter track play heads for playing commercially recorded tapes. The Tascam is 4 channel quarter track for playing quad tapes.
My Otari (the 4 channel model) is a little more "open" sounding than my 1520. But I like the 1520 due to the ease of theading the tape. The 1520 is the most user friendly deck I have.

The J-Corders are pretty slick. I would assume they are well sorted out and come with both head blocks and have a good warranty.

Lately, a lot of people tout the Technics 1500, but ask the folks who own them, and what they paid for modding-repairing them, and the numbers will stagger you. The Technics 1500 is no simple machine, is quirky and being that there are few who can put them back in shape, expect to pay dearly.

Simple answers, TEAC 3300 in various flavors, even 2-track. 3340, 3440, and another very beautiful machine, but might be costly, as it is rare, and who could ever find parts for, is the Fostex E3/E4 machines.

Akai's were nice, and common, but again, all of these machines have little to no support via company. make sure you know qhat your buying before you open your wallet. Mark
This site might be of help:
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I don't think I could live without reel to reel. Most all decks made in the late 60's, 70 and 80 were well made machines. Teac, Akai, Sony, Revox, Technics, Crown, Otari, Pioneer, all these machines were well made. Akai used glass ferrite heads which seem to never wear out. My Sony TC-755 from 1974 is used daily, and show absoultely no sign of head wear from the ferrite and ferrite heads. I have had quite a few Teacs which I enjoyed and also a Revox B77 and A77. It is really hard to go wrong with any of these. The only machine I really didn't care much for was my Akai GX 625. It sounded fine, performed well but didn't seem to be as strong running as my Teac 3300s or my Sony TC-755. My Revox B77 required motor repairs when it was only five years old, but that was probably an exception. If you purchase one, try to get one from the original owner who knows the machines history. Also, keep in mind that Otari,Revox,Pioneer and Teac still support their old machines. Sony, Crown, Dokorder, Technics, Akai, etc do not.
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I bought three from ebay. A teac 3300 mint w/box $175, Teac A-3340S $80, and a pioneer 701 $100. I have seen some absolute mint decks on ebay for reasonable coin that I would like to have bought, 3 is enough for now I guess. Try and get one with original box cos they are heavy buggers.
I have an Otari MX5050-BII 2 this a two track play and record deck, it also has a four track playback head as well. Great deck it is a work horse.
I agree with Slipknot1 here and have gone through the same procedure as he has. I also own an Otari and am happy with both machines.
Thanks for the comments guys...I think I've found a mint Otari BII-2. I will report back when I see it in a couple of weeks (it's a 600ml drive).