Reed 12" vs Ikeda 407 tonearm

I m interested in using a 12" tonearm arm on a separate tonearm platform for my garrard 301. Was looking at Thomas schick 12" tonearm until I come across Reed with favourable feedbacks from audiogon and audioasylum with it trouncing the highly respected Triplanar in Mikel set up. However looking at the price of Reed tonearm I realized it is similarly price as ikeda 407 . Therefore should I go for a proven tonearm but discontinued or a new tonearm but widely adopted yet? . Your input is much appreciated. Happy listening
I've got a 407, great arm. Easy to set up and use.

It is very well made and the finish is first rate. It far surpasses many other arms which really do look handmade (and not in a good way).

If I was going to look at another 12 inch arm, I would go with an SME 312S.
Consider the user on Audiogon is a shill for the Reed importer.

Do some research on their history together.

Good luck.
Be careful,as disclaimers are few and far between.
As for as I know ( from what I read) Steve has always prefer to us Triplanar tonearm and for him to want to represent Reed Tonearm probably meant he likes what he heard.
Anyway, I believe dealers choose to represent the products they are representing because they believe in the commercial value of the products they represent. This is merely my 2cts worth of opinion

Enjoy the hobby. Whoever opinion is it, right or wrong it's upto the readers to interpret the opinion. Happy New Year