Reducing Background Noise On Records

Hello.  I'm looking into ways of reducing background noise on LP recordings. Some of my records just have a lot of noise (most likely from how they were recorded). My system consists of a Yamaha DSP-1A integrated amp, Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable (acrylic platter equipped) with an Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge. My speakers consist of a pair of Wharfedale Rubiance RB-27's in the front and RB-23's in the rear with a Mirage FRX-S15 powered subwoofer.

I recently integrated a DVD 3BX-DS into my system to improve the impact and dynamic range of my records. Should this be sufficient or are there other devices (such as the KLH Burwen Research DNF 1201A Dynamic Noise Filter) that can better reduce the background noise of my records in question?  By the way, I do clean my records with a VPI HW16 record cleaning machine and rinse off the cleaning fluid twice with distilled water. I also use a Zerostat 3 to remove static before playing a record.

What do you think? 

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Has anyone found carbon fiber headshells to help?
I've tried both Ortofon and Sumiko carbon's , I think they helped a bit , enough to justify the price anyway .
when you clean your records, do you get them wet then brush then let the liquid sit for 5 minutes?  I dont do this with every record but for the ones that need the most help.  Then rinse.  
I spray the fluid on then immediately use the brush while rotating the record 5 times.  I apply moderate pressure on dirtier records.  Then I spray on distilled water and use a clean brush again rotating the record 5 times.  I do this twice. 

FYI, my cleaning fluid consists of 75% isopropyl alcohol 91% pure) and 25% distilled water, with a few drops of Fawn dishwasher detergent and Rinse Away rinsing agent. 
 Sorry, Dawn dishwasher detergent.