Reduce Floor Vibration?? I live in an apartment.

This is an interesting problem that I am hoping you might be able provide me with some ideas. I live in a second apartment, which as you know is not always conducive to large stereo systems. My Paradigm Ref Studio 60’s can shake the floor at relatively low volume levels and I really don’t want to cause problems with my psycho downstairs neighbor. Is there a way to reduce the vibration being transferred to the floor without adversely effecting the speakers performance? Maybe improve it?
I have been thinking about getting a couple of marble slabs to set the speakers on, and then using vibropads. The reviews suggest that putting them under the speakers has had a positive effect on soundstaging. I would really appreciate any suggestions offered. Thanks!
I live in an apartment also, and I 'blue tac'ed my speakers to concrete patio slabs which are then on three tiptoes each. The woofs stay out of the floor, and the downstairs people don't complain. The slabs I use weigh 75lb each.
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Lock; you should try the marble on Vibrapods thing. I recall that someone else did this & had good results. Try to work out with the downstairs neighbor so you can put on some "test music" & then listen from their unit below yours. Explain that you are trying to accomodate your music to their privacy; you'd think that they would then be quite cooperative. Then try some various approaches to find out what works best, & to determine how loud you can crank it before they experience any problems downstairs.
My experience is to do the best that you can to minimize floor-born vibrations and NOT talk to the neighbors about it. Once you acknowledge that there is a potential for problems, they will be sure to let you know when they arise. Even if it isn't you making the noise. If the neighbor really is a psycho, they would have let you know by now in a big way if things were bad. Sean
Hi all, thanks for your input. I think for now I am going to try using the Vibropods with an 0.75" thick MDF platform (on spikes) and I'll try not to be too rude with the volume levels. If he knocks on my door, I'll use the diplomatic approach. If you have any better suggestions, I am always open. Thanks again!
It is the bass more than anything. Make sure your speakers are well away from any walls; and of course on spikes. Listen nearfield as much as possible.If you have a sub; they can hear it better than you can.--As the bass waves get further away,they increase in intensity. Those guys in the trucks can't hear the bass as well as people further away.
Following up on George's advice, you may want to go for the ultimate in near field and move the speakers right next to your head. There are plenty of high-end headphone products out there to experiment with, it's cheaper, and you don't have to worry about room interaction (which is a vital consideration with loud speakers whether you have neighbors or not.)