Rediscovering Cold Blood

I noticed Cold Blood "Thriller" in my collection a week ago, which I hadn't played in a year or so. Damn, I forgot just how good that disc is....the incomparable Lydia Pence, a rhythm section tighter than the jeans you wore in high school, sophisticated arrangements that build and progress until you can hardly keep from dancing in the living room. Tons of fun for fans of Janis Joplin, funk/rock/blues, horn section dynamite and a drum/bass groove as solid as Bobby Colomby and Jim Fielder.

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Mother's Finest is great. They were a big part of the soundtrack to my youth growing up in Atlanta. They still play around town from time to time. My favorites are the self titled Mother's Finest, Another Mother Further, and the live album. They have a greatest hits that is a decent collection. You are right as far as how the band suffered from radio and the labels having a hard time pigeon holing them into a genre.The bottom line is that Mother's Finest makes soulful rock and roll that is fun party music.