Rediscovering 2 classical LP's...:-

I was going thru my LP's deciding to sell some, and I listened to a Columbia Masterowrks 6 eye M2S 601 of Mahler's Symphony #2 by the NY Philarm. dir by Bruno Walter...
I must say the sound isnt perfect, but the intensity gripped me after 3 minutes...I went thru the whole thing and was pleasantly mesmerized.

Then I played an old mono LP from Alhambra label MCC30054 (made in Spain),,heavy heavy had won a technical and artistic award in 1957. Concierto de Aranjuez with Narciso Yepes, with the Orquesta Nacional de Espana dir by Ataulfo Argenta. Tremendous timbre and presence....not the last word in staging, but a very pleasant feeling of intensity but from mid theatre to the back...The guitar sound and playing is exquisite.
I can say that I am rediscovering the whole new analog sound. Bought brand new Technics 1200 MkII Project box, then I found NOS Acutex cartridge. On the top of it, found mint condition Brams Violin Concerto performed by David Oistrakh and Otto Klemperer on Angel mono. Never heard more haunting violin performance! Btw, nice gear you have, however I am not sure about that window behind...?! Regards!
LOL...The gear isnt arranged like that anymore...its on the next wall. I guess I should post a niew pic....

I have many mono Angel's with the wooden spine, and I like them all...I just dont find them to be nearly as bad as people make them.
Oh! smart choice for a TT...lots of SQ for the buck there with the Technics.