Redgum RGi120ENR integrated ?

Just ordered a Redgum RGi120ENR integrated... 155 watts per channel (ss) to use with Fritz REV 5's with upgraded drivers (ScanSpeak Illuminator 5 inch woofers and 9700 tweeters) in 12x14x9 room ... prototype not on Fritz website. Have been using Quicksilver 90 watt monos (20 years old) with Quicksilver new non-remote preamp... because of ss ordering WyWires IC's with softer voiceing rather than Kimber kcag. Quicksilvers get to warm in Arizona summers (even with air) and are about 45 pounds each. Getting old (68)... ANY OPINIONS?
84 db

Music: (50's, 60's bebop jazz, old rock: Cream, King Crimson, Doors), movie scores
Sounds like you need to tell us about them when you get them! I'd love to hear it! I've only read about them. They sound like fun amps.
Nice choices. Ive owned three REDGUM integrsteds, including the RGi120 and RGi120 Enr and use Wywires in all signal positons.

I may have preferred the stock RGi120 to the ENR, but either way your in for a treat. Get a nice, slightly warmer power cable. I liked triode wire labs 8+ on mine. The Wywires Juice I is also a great option, though I'm less enthusiastic about the juice 2.