redgum audio rghd headphone amplifier

Hi there
Has anyone own or used this headphone amplifier?
I currently am using a musical fidelity x can v2 ,i thought about the new v3 model but have decided on solid state . thanks.
I can't answer your question, because I have no experience with the the Redgum. However, if you are looking for a solid state headphone amp, you should add the Sugden Headmaster to your list. Also, you might check HeadFi and Headwize for opinions on the Redgum.
Do yourself a favor and check out the Gilmore V2 and V2-SE as well. I switched from tubes (Audio Valve RKV Mk II) to the V2 and have a V2-SE on the way. I'm not looking back.
I don't have their headphone amp but I do own the Redgum Phono pre stage. I find utterly amazing and perfectly suited to its purpose. The sound is very true. I would give it a serious audition.