Redgum amplifiers

Anyone else enjoying this Australian stuff? I just bought used RGi120 integrated . It does everything right in my system. Very very good. Volume control for each chanel is how every audiophile piece should be made. No lights anywhere, no remote, no preamp out. Minimalist design. Just great. Sounds powerful, balanced, clear and quite emotional. Not laid-back, not forward; space presentation is excellent. Fast but not hectic, handles the notes and silence in a quite delicate manner for a solid state amp.
Not well-known here in the States but I think it should be.
I was pretty impressed with that amp when I heard it. Great value and glad to hear you are enjoying it.
Haven't heard the Redgum but thought about it until I got the Burson PI-160 which is also from down under. Very similar to how you described it. There must be something in the water down there.
Also, customer service appears to be excellent. Before buying I contacted them through email and asked a few questions about the possibility of service and repairs in the future. The amp is eleven years old after all. They responded the same day and we exchanged a few messages. Very friendly and professional.
Hi Inna
Yes i own a Redgum RGI - 120enr along with the Redgum Phonostage and RGCD5enr cd player , I have been dealing with Ian and Lindy for many years and can only say they are a gem to deal with , infact i have rang them and discussed my system and potential variations/improvements several times.
Lindy is lovely and pleasure to talk to she never and i mean never will push you away as if its to much of there hard earned time , even if you do not decide to purchase believe me they will be just as welcoming next time round.
As far as back up they are second to none , ever had a component fail and send it to the tech only to find parts no longer available ? , With Redgum no need to worry , if and thats a big if ! your amp has a problem in the future you can speak to Ian Robinson direct , parts are not an issue . As far as the Redgum components are concerned i love there open and non fatigue presentation along with a steller backup service , i have no problem with giving them 10 points . Enjoy a fine amp you now have . : )

All the best
Hi Phill. Yes, I talked to Lindy. How does the phono stage sound? Do you have the one with bigger power supply?
Love that "ignition key" to turn the amp on.
Hi Inna
Yes i do infact have the Enr mm/mc version with the power supply upgrade , even though i use i mm cartridge
( Ortofon M2 black ) i decided to get the upgraded p/stage incase i decided to go mc in the future , the phonostage is very good , quite with a smooth character inline with the amplifier , as you can appreciate it was designed by the same company , so complements the amps sonics , one plus also is that Ian builds his amps with a mind set of being indestructible and has surge protection built in , so in theory no need for a external power conditioner , i love it , my amp has the remote control feature so i leave the key turned on permanently then use the remote to fire it up and then leave in standby . My amp is the 120enr 155wpc but came with test sheet reading 215wpc on test.
It has the wave heatsink on the bottom of the unit.

Thanks for raising the question. I was not familiar with the brand, thought it has apparently been around for quite a while. Your question led me to read some of the reviews over the years and it seems like a very interesting product line indeed. Good to bring these smaller, artisanal brands to a wider audience.
Thank you, Phil. I was just curious, no plans to use Redgum phono for now. I have Acoustech PH-1 designed by Ron Sutherland, it is very good for both MM and MC.
I too don't touch the key and use on/off switch on my Furman conditioner/stabilizer. I also use Custom Power Cord Co. Top Gun power cord with the Redgum, and with the phono stage, and with cd player.
215 watts must sound very powerful, no doubt.
Hi Inna
No problems at all , glad to give a bit of info from a long time owner , you can download a product brochure pack from the Redgum website its about 8mb from memory , has all reviews plus design features on all the product lines .
all you need to know in one handy file , yet again a great example of customer service .


Haven't heard these amps, but the praise they've had certainly put them on my radar. And they now offer a remote option!
If you decide to buy, get one with dual volume controls. It takes some time to get used to but works wonders to adjust for room acoustics and different recordings.
If you get the remote option you can adjust both channels via the remote , the Redgum front facia is even more striking than the website photo's , If you decide to buy a pre/power amplifier they will use the same piece of timber for the 2 components then you have the same grain and texture , very nice . 7 year warranty on Redgum amplifiers
I adore the Redgum integrateds. I have owned the RGi35, RGi120 and presently own an RGi120 enr.

I've heard a lot of competent solid state, but the red gums do it for me like no other ss and many tubes fail to. They have an extremely good synergy with zu speakers by the way and my new end is driving my vr33 speakers effortlessly.