Redbook vs. SACD vs. Linear PCM 24 bit 192 kHz

Yesterday my copy of Trondheimsolistene Divertimenti arrived that will allow comparison of CD, SACD, and all of the blu-ray audio formats.

I'm currently just listening to the SACD version in the background in an effort to become somewhat familiar with the so far excellent music.

My plan for A/B is to use my SACD player vs. my blu-ray player that will use my receiver for the PCM D/A.

I can more fairly compare CD to the PCM because it will also use the receiver for D/A.

Both of these options will allow immediate switching between sources so hopefully the relative volumes will be fairly close.

Any thoughts on how to best do some A/B comparisons.

So far I can say that the SACD has a wonderful sound. I can't really turn the volume up with my wife napping as she recovers from surgery and my 5 month old son is also taking his nap.
A quick A/B between my SACD player and blu-ray via receiver revealed that the Linear PCM is a much cleaner sound. I can't say that it's so much better as to invalidate other music formats, but it is a wonderful sound.

I would assume that an upsampling DAC would end up somewhere in between Redbook CD and Linear PCM since an upconversion shouldn't be a good as an upconverted format, does that make sense? It seems that Linear PCM should be about as ideal as it can be in the digital world.
there are two variables--sound quality of the disc and sound quality of the players. suppose you introduced a dac and transport, you might prefer the hybrid layer of the sacd, depending upon the sound quality of the transport/dac combo.

the determination of the superiority of the software depends upon the hardware.

your comparison does not lead to a definitive answer.

granted the high rez format should be superior . however, there may be a transport/dac or cd player which will make the redbook layer preferable.
Do you really think that if I had a Redbook player that made the CD layer sound better than the Liner PCM that it would mean that the Redbook was the better format?

I think it's quite clear that the Linear PCM should be the better format. I have not compared Redbook to the PCM yet, but when I do both sources will be using the same receiver for the D/A and at the level of equipment that I have I seriously doubt that the transports and cables are a significant factor.

If a system sounds better with Redbook than Linear PCM shouldn't that be an indication that the blu-ray player is a significant weak link in comparison?

I may be way off base, but isn't Redbook to Linear PCM a more apples to apples comparison than is Redbook to SACD at least when it comes to the sample rates?

I could use the same blu-ray player, but it would eliminate the direct A/B comparison capability.
SACD is superior to Redbook, but not by much, especially on re-mastered discs. Both have a better dynamic range than vinyl, but lack the warmth and realism of analog. The cost of the SACD disc's is often 3 times the price of the Redbook version. Low quality MP3 is taking over recorded music and most recording studios don't have the financial motivation to put out SACD disc's.
Lots of variables. Publishing formats, recording formats, mastering process, hardware, signal path. You can safely forget about a definitive conclusion about what format is inherently superior based on this shootout.

FWIW, I played the SACD and LPCM on my Sony ud9004 (when I still owned this), and found them nearly indistinguishable (with may be a slight edge for the SACD).

Any difference in SQ based on format is dwarfed by the difference in playing it in MCH versus 2 channel. The MCH playback on a good system puts the 2 channel to shame.