Redbook & SACD value

I request helpful recommendations for excellent redbook & sacd in one player..
I tried sony xa5400 but wasn't impressed as others.
Yamaha CD-3000 looks appealing in the 5K or less range.
Have Bryston amp/pre+PSB speakers
I 2nd the Esoteric if you have the budget for it.
Pick up a used Lexicon RT-20. Cheap steal.
you can spend $2000 on a teac cd-3000.

i reviewed it the player. i have it. read my review on
I found Marantz & arcam to be on the warm side
A used krell mk3 will kill all above mentioned players imhop.I have an oppo 95 and it is great sounding but for 1k more the krell beats it in resolution and dynamics..imaging may be slightly better with oppo..I was shocked how good this krell player sounds!