Redbook CD Upgrade

Currently utilizing the Cal Audio 2500 DVD player for the CD player...Cal 2500 SSP as the pre-amp...Cardas Golden Ref Interconnects, Bettercables Blue Truth Speaker Cables, & Aerial 10T front speakers.

Am pondering whether or not adding a DAC into the equation would deliver noticeably better two channel sound and if so which DAC's would do so. Two on the list would be the Wadia 25 and the Classe DAC-1, as I have seen both used in the $900 to $1,400 range. Any and all feedback most appreciated.

Assuming you are not content, if it were me, and especially in the price range you mention, I'd simply investigate in another/better cdp or SACD/cd unit. Sometimes using XLR connections everywhere can also provide additional sonic benefit.

Thanks Stehno, the Cal SSP does not accomodate balanced connections. I had thought of going to a dedicated CD player but thought I might get a better bang for the buck going with the DAC and utilizing the Cal DVD as the transport. The last big upgrade I underwent was when I found the Aerial's on Audiogon which replaced the JM Lab 913's. There was a noticeable difference after that switch and I'm simply seeking to flush out another incremental gain in performance. The DAC's seem to have a bigger discount associated with them than CD players the same age which led me to the consideration of this tact. Hopefully if it does not deliver, I can get back 90% to 100% of the investment. Thanks for your feedback.