Redbook CD players, vs. Multi-Format players

Simply a question/thought I would enjoy hearing others experiences.  A CD player that I owned quite some time back was a high end Classe CD only player using the Ultra Analog DAC.  I have owned most of the better multi format players since then and just from my time spent listening and attention to the music they seem to not hold my interest as the old Classe did.

What experience(s) can you share on your thoughts of a dedicated Redbook player vs. a multi-format player.  

Thanks for your input/thoughts. 

The Devil Is In The Details.  Which players are you comparing?  I am assuming that you are comparing only Redbook Replay on all the players.
I now output my Oppo 105 into a Bryston DAC 3, but the Oppo may have been the best disc player that I ever owned.  However, the most expensive CDP that I ever owned was the first Rega Apollo.  If I had compared the Oppo vs the best Bryston, Esoteric, MacIntosh, etc players it probably would have come up short.

Different horses/courses.

Bryston BCD-3 makes the case for red-book only, concentrating on that technology only.

But Marantz, Luxman, etc. make SACD machines that sound fabulous.

So no definitive answer.

With the world of streaming out there, I'd encourage you to go with an external DAC, perhaps with a built-in streamer, that also plays your CD's well.

I will say that if you have been listening to vintage gear, come up to a DAC built in the last 10 years. They may not all be to your liking, but overall they improvement in Redbook (44/16) playback compared to previous age is striking.