Redbook CD /DVD video/DVD-A sound quality

My audiophilia has been energized by the purchase of my first DAC (CI Audio VDA2). I am so impressed by this new "closer to analog" sound listening to CDs...that I want more!Can someone clarify whether its worth $24 for a well recorded DVD-A from a label like AIX only to be heard in 2.1? (Vienna acoustic Mozarts/Rel sub) Are regular concert DVD's superior to Redbook CD's in sampling and bit rate? This information is hard to come by. It's not listed on the packaging. Are there labels (or artists?) that specialize in 2 channel DVD-A, and 24 bit/192kHZ? Thank you in advance. Tompoodie
Theoretically the new media are sonicly superior, but the difference is less than what can occur simply because of better recording and mixing. In other words there are well made CD that sound better than poorly made SACD.

I am a big SACD and DVDA fan, but, unless you will properly utilize their multichannel and video capability I don't think it is worthwhile merely for stereo. "Properly", by the way, means that you invest in first class speakers and amplification for the three additional channels. Skimping on those channels will lead to disapointment.
Tom, The 24 bucks is most assuredly a waste if you don't have a DVDA player. You don't mention that you do...