Red Wine Signature 15 or Peachtree Nova

I'm looking for a tube integrate amp. A good friend of mine showed me his Isabella and I was very impressed with the quality of the unit. Ive heard great things about the peachtree products as well, but I'm wondering how it compares to the Red Wine gear.

I currently have floor standing La Scalla's from WLM Loudspeaker, and right now all of my music is digital but Im leaning toward vinyl in the future.

Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.

I have owned the RedWine Signature 30.2, the Isabella, and both the Peachtree Nova (and Decco come to think of it).

I can't speak for the Signature 15 directly, but the 30.2 from RedWine sounds MUCH better than the Nova, they aren't even close. The build quality of Vinnie's gear is also in a much better league than the Chinese made Nova. I will say that I thought the DAC in the Nova was fantastic, but the amplifier is pretty poor sounding in my opinion. Build quality is also typical Chinese.

The RedWine has a very full, rich sound, and it mates VERY well with single driver speakers. Good luck!
Thanks for the answer:) I was leaning towards the Red Wine gear, especially since I have the La Scalla's