Red Wine Sig30 ?

Would this amp be a good match for an 86.5db stand mount in a med size room? I like to crank it loud once in a while.
This would be replacing a 100 watt Jolida 1501 RC.
Anyone ever heard both? Thanks!
Just going by numbers, I highly recommend NOT going with the Red Wine amp for a speaker with your specs.
Especially if you like to "crank it loud once in a while". 86db Is pretty inefficient and needs power. You would be going backwards IMHO.
Thanks Devilboy, not going there, plus I could not deal with the battery issues after giving it more thought.
You need more power.I had a sig 30,batteries do not last that long,what a PITA.It sounded nice,but not worth the money IMO.I bought a PS Audio Trio -A-100 That I enjoy more,and much less money.And no battery problems!
Toddnkaya: I had 88db speakers once and a very nice solid state amp I drove them with was the McCormack DNA 0.5. They come up for sale frequently here. It won't cost a lot and pretty reliable from what I hear. Are you looking for stereo amp or integrated?
I had a Sig 30 briefly. My speakers are 86/4ohm. I couldn't get to satisfactory listening levels for all types of music.