Red Wine RWA 30.2 integrated vs Bel Canto Ref1000

i'm considering purchasing one of these two amps as they have similar prices on the used market and 6moons and audiogoners both rave about each of them. i love that the RWA Signature 30.2 integrated amp runs off of battery power instead of AC power (minimizing the ground loop headaches), but I also enjoy the deep and impactful bass that everyone says the ref1000 monoblocks produce.

would really appreciate any and all feedback from those who have owned / listened / compared / considered these two amp options. as always your advice and opinions are invaluable in making high-priced decisions in the elaborate world of audio.

thanks in advance.
These are very different amps.

The Bel Cantos will drive anything, even difficult impedance loads, the Red Wine, not so much.

If you have highly efficient speakers the first watt of the Red wines will be practically all you need however.

Your speakers will make the decision for you...
I agree with Stevenstone. RWA Sig 30.2 is very nice with my Gallo 3.1's and I have read that it is even fine for those with speakers down to 86dB efficiency, but only if you are not looking to play at very loud levels. For those with power hungry speakers with complex crossovers or for those in big rooms and who want to crank up the sound, more power is most likely needed.

I was quite surprised by how powerful 30Wrms per channel really is when I bought the 30.2.

Before that I was using a much more powerful solid-state amp but more powerful does not sound better - again, unless you need to play it very loud. What the 30.2 gives is more than enough volume for my tastes and the delicacy and nuances when even playing at lower levels that more powerful amps lack in comparison. The 30.2 is also the only non-tubed amp that sounds like a good tube amp but with very solid bass and no noise and no heat.

I have not listened to the Bel canto so I cannot say how it compares.

I can't help but wonder how the Signature 70.2 monoblocks sound like in comparison! :)