Red Wine Ginevra Phono Stage - Any Opinions?

I'm considering purchasing this phono stage. There is one good review from Tone Audio online, but there isn't much discussion of it on audio boards. I currently use a RSA Nighthawk and think it's great, but I do miss having tubes in my phono stage. It would be great to hear some opinions from anyone who has tried this product.

Can anybody weigh in on this?
Hm, in Tone Audio even a stone gets a great review. Good luck.
Can't comment on the Ginevra as I have no experience with it. I have the Nighthawk and continue to enjoy it. It tried it against an AQVOX and still preferred the Nighthawk. Comparing the $3000 Ginevra to the $800 Nighthawk is a bit unfair. I would imagine the Ginevra to be better. The real question would be "Is it $2200 better?"
If you can afford it, better is better. I've heard other Red Wine products and they are quite good. Don't they offer a trial period? I know they used to.

When you get into that price range, though, you may want to look at K&K audio's Maxxed out phono preamp kit, built it's $2799. I'm not sure there's a lot that can compete with this phono preamp if you can afford it. Do a search.