Red Wine Audio Isabella Synergy

Hi Guys,

I am currently deciding what power amplifier to pair with the RWA Isabella. I know they go well with the Signature 70.2s but those monoblocks are slightly pricey at $5200. I was wondering if I could get the same level of quality with lesser outlay. Was thinking a pair of Wyred 4 Sound monoblocks perhaps? If you have any opinions, do weigh in. Thanks!
The Isabella is warm and a little slow, but dense and full. I would pair with a very transparent amplifier.

The 70.2 is a little rolled off at the top end, and I understand that the W4S is warm. May be too much of a good thing.

I'd look at Modwright and see what they have to offer.

Do you really need all of those watts? What speakers are you driving?
Personally from my exposure to both amps you would be disappointed with the Wyred 4 Sound in comparison to the new
Red Wine 30.2 LFV-P Edition.It lists at $2900.My recommendation is based on the assumption that you have relatively efficient speakers.
Could you elaborate more? Do you mean to say the Wyreds are in a league far behind the Isabella?

I'm using a pair of Focal Electra 1007Bes. They are rated 89db/8ohm but do enjoy a high powered amp.
My comments are specific to the superiority of the Red Wine 30.2 amp in comparison to the Wyred amps for pairing with the Isabella.
Don't know if you saw this, but there are a pair of 70.2 for sale that were upgraded to the new power packs. Might get a good deal.
I did not care for the W4S amp that I owned, although if you can demo a Bel Canto amp, you will get a very good sense of whether you would like W4S or not, as I think the Bel Canto Class D amps sound very similar to the W4S amps.

Personally, I would take a good class A/B amp (Classe, Pass Labs, Modwright) over a class D, but everyone has different tastes.
I had the 70.2 mono's SLA version and the Isabella. They pair well for sure. But I ended up splurging on a pair of LFD PAD 3 mono blocks ($7500 retail) because they were just better. Not by miles but definitely an improvement into that high end audiophile land that the RWA could hint at and come close to but just not as quite as finessed as these. I still use the Isabella with them. I'm sure you could find LFD amps used. But if you can afford to buy them the LFD mono's are just gorgeous sound. As perfect as I've ever heard.