Red Wine 30.2 Power amp

I have placed an order for the RW 30.2 and will do the old A/B comparison with my Audio Note P3 Silver 300B amp.

Having both the battery powered Dodd pre and ASR Exclusive Phono has won me over to "keeping off the Grid". My AN amp does have the 300B hum going on from the transformers.

Any RW 30.2 owners have any thoughts on this amp when paired with Zu 101dB. speakers (or any for that matter) and what I might hear in the RW amp?
I owned a 30.2 for several months,very impressive,just didn't mate well with my Electrostats.I kinda thought that would be the case but I had to try it.Tough being an audioholic.It was particularly proficient on jazz,in fact in my system the performance surpassed any solid state amp I have owned.The reviewer for 6moons gets it right.
So Glory,
How do you like the Red Wine amp?

I'm interested in your impressions as well.

I owned a RW Sig 30. It is an excellent, excellent amp - the closest thing to SET I'd found. But I found it a bit dark and closed-in; not as holographic nor as harmonically correct as good SET amps.

I am very surprised your AN amp hums - NOT the norm.

It's entirely possible to built a dead-silent amp with an AC power supply too. There are solid state and tube amps that have a better S/N ratio than the RW product. Batteries are a good idea but not a panacea.

There is a big difference between the RW 30/30.2.

Next to my AN P3 Silver the RW has better bass/seperation of instruments and singers and a quieter background (dead silent when the system is running).

Toneality it is not up to the AN but it is close enough.

The RW 30.2 is not closed in or dark sounding in my system.

I hated the sound of SS amps up until I heard the RW 30.2.

Thanks for the feedback. I do not doubt there is a lot of difference between the 30 and 30.2. I also don't doubt that it's a superb amp. However, I'm rather confident I'd still prefer SET, especially given your comment that tonality is not quite up to par. That is #1 in my book.

(FYI - It turns out I have a dealer 1 mi from me carrying the new Zu speakers - so I can hear them first-hand.)

Did you ever hear the Zu speakers and if so how did they sound having the AN speaker?

I've had both the RWA 30 and 30.2 and loved them. It was only when I got my latest set of speakers that it suddenly sounded a bit too polite for my tastes. It drove me to a Burson SS integrated which cured the problem. I lost none of the attributes of the RWA and gained greater dynamics, extension and tonality.

As efficient as the Zu is, it should be a great pairing.