Red Rose Speakers (From Mark Levinson)

Has anyone heard the Red Rose R3 Monitors? What do you think? How did they compare to other monitor speakers?
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I've heard them once in the New York Madison ave. store, they sounded incredible. I had the Totem Model one before, they were very similar in sonics. It could be the room in the store, but these monitors sounded just great...
I heard them at the NY store also, just a couple of weeks ago, and I agree they sounded terrific. Very, very neutral and natural and musical. The store mainly plays high-res sources, so that is certainly a factor. I'm sure the speakers are way overpriced given cost of manufacture (I mean, Red Rose is out to make big bucks), but the sound certainly seemed worth $3k to me. Would be nice to try them at home for a bit.
The source is the key with regard to these speakers. In fact, it goes to the CD itself. The store plays ONLY those CDs' (or other sources such as live piano recorded in the store and immediately played back) that sound good with the speakers. Try your favorite demo discs and you will have a decidely different response. Proves the theory that the retailers set-up is not necessarily what you will hear at home. Noticed that the speakers are starting to hit the *pre-owned* market.
Has anyone compared the Red Rose to Proac Response 1SC or Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE. I have the Jeff Rowland Model 2 with a Wadia 850 and Aerial 5. The Aerial 5, at 85db, are a bit inefficient for the Rowland. Any recommendations?
nathanu, check out newform research r645's - not minimonitors, but the same price-range, they're ribbons above 1khz, and they're 91db/w/1m. their www: amazing reviews: good luck, doug
An audiophile friend of mine visited the New York store. Said the Red Rose combination was very musical. He stated a drawback as the lack of strong bass response, which would have to be expected of a speaker of that size. Yes it will sound accurate with the piano, but feed it some other material, and you will remember the first law of audio, "There is no perfect speaker". I listened to the Audioprism(a company which Red Rose took hold of) amplifier at a local used audio store here, and found it to be very nice.
I have heard them with the "entry level" Red Rose system for amplification and an old Luxman tube-output CD player at a friend's house, who bought them. They have surprising bass (sort of like the smaller Totem speakers), but it is limited, probably to the 40hz range. What makes them special is the ribbon tweeter, which, together with the Red Rose/Audioprism tube amplification, gives them a natural, fast, detailed and extended high end. Certainly not perfect, but excellent imaging, soundstaging and dynamics. Well worth a listen.
According to Mark Levinson "the man" Red Rose is his attempt to make a real world, ie. affordable system, that the common man can afford. He reports that systems are flying off the shelf. Am not sure if price includes the cat.
The system is very good, really. There is an excellent synergy between the electronics and the speakers, and the system really is something special. As for them flying off the shelf, Mark's store location in the Whitney Museum here in NYC sure doesn't hurt. He's got a large group of, for the most part, well-heeled arts lovers most of whom, considering the lack of press the high end audio community gets, have never heard a good high-end audio system. Selling package systems, including cables, also appeals to the non-audiophile music lovers who don't really want to get into mixing and matching--a set it and forget it, good sounding system. I think that's great marketing.
I like the prices of their cables. Especially, the VERY affordable silver interconnects. Proof that you don't need to spend a lot(of money, not thought and time) on wire.
Has anyone tried the Red Rose with electronics other than Red Rose/Audioprism.
I own the Red Rose speakers and have owned many diverse,fine speakers over the past 30 yrs.The Red Rose delivers a very articulate non-fatiguing sound.It is unsurpassed in its sonic range.It replaced a pair of Crosby Quads(I needed to free up some space) I DO NOT MISS the quads!!
And what electronics are you using with them?