Red Rose Music by Mark Levinson

Red Rose Music (New York City) is a new company started by Mark Levinson. They have a small system that includes a pre-amp, power amp and speakers selling for $9,500 (plus cables, etc). The electronics is very compact (they say) and, as per Red Rose, out performs more expensive components from other companies in sonic quality (of course). I live in California and a trip to New York to listen is impossible. Has any one ever heard this system or any body in the New York area planning to visit Red Rose Music for a listen? Any information is appreciated. thanks..
I went there. Liked the product though did not care much for he gray haired salesperson (wasn't Mark L.. Great dynamics and speed and bass from tiny boxes.
A friend of mine is in high-end video and did a deal with Red Rose. He fell in love with the entry system and bought it, then had me over for a listen. I'm a tube man (Jadis amps and preamp), so I'm biased, but I think it's a terrific system for the money. The electronics are the Audioprism entry level preamp and amp, and they've always had a nice sound. The speakers remind me of the Totem speakers in that you get surprising bass out of a small enclosure (the bass is a little loose, as we are talking tubes and only 35 watts here, and we're probably talking down to 40 hz or so in real usable extension), but the best thing about them is their ribbon tweeter, which is simply gorgeous, airy and natural in the highs and mates beautifully with the electronics. The tweeter also blends well with the other driver, so the speaker is well balanced. Imaging and soundstaging were also terrific, the speakers disappearing quite well. The system probably works best in a smaller room, as the power limitations of the amps would prevent head-banging volume levels, but the system as a whole, played within its limits, is a music-lover's delight.
Yes, I have spent time with Mark in his showroom listening to this sysem with mostly music, but also with video material. First, remember that Mark is a master at demonstrating. The system is remarkable for the size and price. I personally own Krell drive B&W800's (at a much higher price and taking up much more space). What I missed in listening to the Red Rose Music system was the visceral feel that my system produces. I would love to someday hear his bigger and much much more expensive system.
heard small speakers as always not has great as he would want you to think scale 1-10 a 6