Red Rose Music by Mark Levinson.

Red Rose Music (New York City) is a new company started by Mark Levinson. They have a small system that includes a pre-amp, power amp and speakers selling for $9,500 (plus cables, etc). The electronics are very compact(they say) and, as per Red Rose, out performs more expensive components from other companies in sonic quality (of course). I live in California and a trip to New York to listen is impossible. Please see their web site at htp:// Since they only sell in New York, they want to send me their System so I can listen (or, I could fly from California to NY). I decided not to do this. I am still interested in hearing comments on their under $10K System. Has any one ever heard this system or anybody in the New York area planning to visit Red Rose Music for a listen? Any information is appreciated. thanks..
From my understanding mark Levinson ,the person, bought out AudioPrism mfg's of tube electronics. They made some nice amps and preamps and these are supposedly the same products now under a new name. Stereophile , Absolute Sound, Audio, etc. have run reviews of the AudioPrism amp and preamp.
Stereophile had a review of the original AudioPrism Debut by Sam Telig in October 1996. The Red Rose Model 2 is the MkII version. I have owned the Debut MkII for 2 years, driving a pair of Merlin VSM SE. Bobby Palkovic the designer of the Merlin recommended the Debut to me. I was very happy with the sound I got, but just put it up on ebay to get money to go the OTL route. If interested, email me ([email protected]) for more details.
I have heard the setup you are speaking of. The store is very small but very nice. As stated, the preamp & amp are Audioprism. I think the amp is about 50watts. The electronics are full size, and are attractive and well built. The source was the Sony SACD and also some sort of digital device which music was recorded directly into. The speakers are very compact. They consist of a Dynaudio driver and a ribbon tweeter. Nice custom made glass stands ($1000) and some basic low price cable. I heard some jazz (SACD)- and also solo violin recorded in the same room! Also heard some regular CD. Demo was great. The system sounded great with all sources. Considering the size of the speakers the sound was nice and full -the ribbon tweeter is VERY extended and revealing. Depending on the usual... size of room, type of music you listen to, and especially the quality of the recording, it is a great complete system if you are starting from scratch. Great for $$$, but remember, price does not include airfare and uptown accomodations!
The only thing I know about Red Rose is that the best stereo salesman in the world, who sold me, among other things, my Proac Response 3.5's, and who never failed to steer me in the right direction, recently left Stereo Exchange in NY to go work for Red Rose (I don't know if he'd like me mentioning his name, so I won't). Anyway, if HE's there, they've got to have one helluva product line! Bythe way, Stereo Exchange still a great store and has a terriffic crew working there.
I heard Ml was doing something new. I drove to NYC from Boston the next day to hear his system. Worth every penny. DAmned if they (the R3 speakers) weren't teh most dynamic small speakers and the fastest ones I ever heard with useful low bass down to the 20's. I can't figure out how he does that. You won't find another speaker as small , as fast and with such low bass anywhere else. I want em. I currently have hte infinty RS1-a speakers and Entec subs, but these are clearly easier to set up and position.
I have to agree with John here. I heard the red rose syetem in the showroom and they sounded great. Very dymnamic with great imaging and soundstage. If only they would make a small floorstander for 6-8k I would be very happy.